Saturday, December 29, 2007

Duck Soup Bowl 07 #2-Vehicle Day

I realized the other reason that I do not get to talk about all 32 bowl games every year, even though in my heart of hearts I mean too. These Holidays just wear the hell out of me! Oh well, on to the football.

Three more games on tap for today, with the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the Liberty Bowl and the Alamo Bowl.
Down in Charlotte, it will be Connecticut vs Wake Forest in the Meineke Car Care Bowl. One of the worst names for a bowl game by the way. Its an interesting meeting between 2 schools that have a much better tradition in basketball than football. Wake Forest still has an excellent defense and an offense that just enough to win a game, while Connecticut is a surprise of the Big East. Connecticut also features Tvyon Branch, who had two 95 yard kickoff returns for touchdowns this season, though they also had a very controversial win over Temple, that probably kept the Owls from being bowl eligible this year.

Off to Memphis next as the Knights of UCF face the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. Mississippi State is another team with an excellent defense and an offense that makes you wonder how they score any actual points all year. Miss State has another small part of history, as coach Sylvester Croom is the first African American head coach at an Southeastern Conference school. On the flip side, Central Florida has one of the best players in the country that you have never heard of in Kevin Smith. Smith is the leading rusher this season in all of NCAA, as well as the leading Scorer in the country. He is also an amazing game away (about 190 yards) of breaking Barry Sanders single season rushing record, though honestly I do not think it will happen against the Bulldogs strong front line. Ok, Ok, Michael has heard of him, I am not sure about the rest of you.

In an interesting twist, both of the first two games today are sponsored by car care/repair shop establishments, in Meineke and AutoZone. If I was a freak, I would say that was a sign directed at me and my crispy car.

Finally, its tha Alamo Bowl, usually one of the best matchups of the entire bowl season, down in San Antonio. Tex and the Cat Wrangler are off to this game today, and while they certainly will be pulling for Penn State as they play Texas A&M, they would have gone to this game is it was Indiana vs Baylor, just because there are not too many big time sporting events that wander there way to San Antonio, unless you like the NBA (yick). Penn State is Penn State, which means there offense is explosive or sputtering, based on the week. Anthony Morelli, the Penn State QB, kinda of really sucks, but his best wide receiver, Derrick Williams, is a pleasure to watch every time he touches the ball. On the Aggie side of the ball, Texas A&M got there coach fired this season, so I would say for sure it was a down year in College Station. Though former Coach Francione did not help himself in the keeping your job department, by sending out private newsletters to boosters, that allegedly contained inside information that would help out the newsletter reader if they were the betting kind of guy.

Oh and to finish up the driving theme of today, this years Alamo Bowl is sponsored in part by Valero.

I did so poorly on my last predictions, I am not going to bother this time, so lets bring on the cheerleaders!


Starrlight said...

Yahoo sports had a seriously amusing article on the worthlessness of the Independence Bowl. It's pretty funny ;)

Amy Ruttan said...

OMG I know so much about football JUST by reading your posts. More information to retain. I will have to sit down and watch it one day. :D

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