Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Express Gets Schmaltzy

So, this is sort of a preview for my upcoming Thursday Thirteen, or at least a semi preview since it involves tear jerkers aka schmaltz.

On a basic level the TV Show Roswell was Dawson's Creek with Aliens. Yet I loved it, or at least the episodes I saw before they got all gothic. For my money, one of the best, yet totally kitzchy Christmas Episodes was the Roswell one from either season 1 or 2. The main plot is that our hero has the power to heal. I could not find a good version of it on You Tube, but I did find a video that hit the emotional theme of the show, which of course I got a bit choked up at the first time I saw it.

Please, Enjoy!!


the108 said...

Holy cow... I've never seen this show before..LOL.

Bond said...

ya big lug ya..... hey so where are the aliens????