Tuesday, November 06, 2007

On Campus November 3

Yes, it was a great great day for Oregon Duck fans, and it was just a miserable day for fans of the Sun Devils of Arizona State. Dennis Dixon solidified himself as a Top 5 Heisman candidate, by leading Oregon to a 35-23 victory over the previously undefeated ASU. The game was exciting to say the least, but if really must rub the backers of the Sun Devils raw that Dixon was out of the game most of the second half and Zona State still could not manufacture a comeback. Heck, Brady Leaf is not half as good as his brother Ryan, and Ryan kinda sucked.

As I mentioned, Notre Dame lost to Navy on Saturday, for the first time in 43 years. The game was about what you would expect from a 1-7 team and a 4-3 team who just lost the week before to Division 1-AA powerhouse, the University of Delaware. Well there was this play, which was absolutely amazing.

Another BCS fraud fell by the wayside as BC lost to a Florida State team that was not a real Florida State team. And Matt Ryan played like Darren Flutie instead of Doug Flutie, throwing an interception in the fourth quarter that cost the Eagles the game.

Kansas hung 76 points on Nebraska. And we are not talking about Jayhawk basketball here. Though this is not running up the score, this is revenge for 25 years of KU getting stomped by 50 points by Nebraska. I would say get the moving van for Husker coach Tom Callahan.

Somehow, LSU beat Alabama, though I still have absolutely no idea how they did it. I mean clueless, I turned the game off to watch the end of the Ducks with the Crimson Tide winning, I turn around to see Early Doucet stealing the game, maybe Wordnerd can explain.

Oh let me mention that Darren McFadden is the Heisman Trophy frontrunner, hands down, no questions asked.

It was a great Saturday of College football though...


Matt-Man said...

Yum-Oh!! Great looking fans. Did you say something about football? Cheers!!

Sparky Duck said...

Matt Man-ya just gotta love Florida sometimes

Bond said...

Lordy Lordy...why the hell did I go to school in Rochester, NY????

Anonymous said...

Umm.....the Husker coach's name is BILL Callahan, not Tom. Tom is TO, Tom Osborne, former coach turned A.D. And you call yourself a football fan?? :)