Sunday, November 18, 2007

I may have just about seen it all

Watching the Browns and Ravens game wrap up today and it was one of those freak moments that you talk about in a bar 20 years from now.

The Browns blew a big lead and allowed the Ravens to take the lead with about 30 seconds to go. The Browns get a nice kickoff return and then complete a couple of plays to get into field goal range. Long field goal range, but field goal range none the less.

Phil Dawson sets up for the kick, I think it was about 49 yards or so and doinks it off the right upright (at least right if you are watching it on TV). As the ball spirals, it goes and bounces through the crossbar and then hits the support pole that is out of bounds in the end zone. The ball promptly riccochets out back onto the field back over the cross bar again.

The field goal is declared no good. As you read Coach Romeo Crennels face, you see him mouthing the words "well fuck me" Game over, Ravens win.

Not so fast my friend as the referees go to look at the instant replay, though it is not really a reviewable play. I guess its more like a holy shit did you see that, we better go look again kind of play. The field goal is declared good and the Browns eventually win in overtime.

The chances and physics of the ball hitting the upright, then the support bar and then bouncing the one direction that makes it look no good to the naked eye has got to be astronomical. I guess when they say you never know how the ball will bounce, you should always remember to take it literally.


Anthony said...

I'm sorry I missed that one. I'll have to catch up on Sports Center.

I was thinking that Lorena Ochoa was going to blow a 5-shot lead with 4 holes to play, but unfortunately, once golf balls land in the lake, they don't bounce out and back in the hole - much to Paula's dismay.

Maybe golf would be more interesting if the ball was oblong?

Amy Ruttan said...

I'll just nod and agree since I have no idea about football other than the cute bums. ;)

Anthony said...

I just saw the replay on the Sunday night game.
Olbermann said that the refs "got it right without looking at the replay", since it isn't reviewable.

Keith wouldn't lie to me, would he?

Desert Songbird said...

We didn't get that game out here, but if we had, I would have been yelling vehemently and loudly lots and lots of obscenities. I saw the highlights on post game, and all I can say is, "HA! Take THAT, you (bleeping) Ravens!"

kailani said...

I read about that field goal and couldn't believe it. Can you imagine all those spectators who left the stadium thinking the game was over?

Hyperion said...

Supposedly the refs didn't look at the review, although without questioning people's word, one wonders if the replay official told the head ref, "dude, this play is not reviewable, but the field goal was good. Trust me. It's good."

And while it might suck for Brian Billick and the Ravens, imagine the uproar if they got it wrong. (And they DID get it right, after all.)

Here's my question: why on earth isn't the play reviewable? How can that not be reviewable, when it determines the outcome of the field goal, the game, and for the Browns, their season!

Oh, and not for nothing, but Keith Olbermann is an inveterate liar, so he could DEFINITELY lie to you.