Monday, November 26, 2007

Feeley Storm Coming

With the improbable way the Eagles played last night, even though they lost to the Patriots, there is a slow building groundswell to play AJ Feeley at QB the rest of the way in place of superstar, Donovan McNabb. As for me, I am all for it!

Not only does AJ seem to make his decisions quicker and actually try to get rid of the ball if he is under pressure, rather then get sacked, but he also has that certain IT factor to him. McNabb is not a leader, a loss like that last night would have sloughed off his shoulders as the breaks of playing football. Feeley still sounds down, almost 24 hours later, sounding like someone stole his puppy. The fans of Philadelphia want someone who lives and dies the games just like we do, and McNabb, with his carefully calculated image and sullen attitude is not that kind of guy.

So I hope Coach Reid gets off his fat ass and makes a decision that makes sense, playing AJ Feeley next week against Seattle.


Jenny McB said...

It was a good game and it's always good to get a young quarterback in with heart to show a team what they are capable of. Oh, that's right we were talking about last night game and not Bledsoe and Brady.

Hey- Don't you think that call against Moss was a tad much? Was it pay back? Not much interference seen up here in New England on that particular play.

Great weekend for football!

Christine d'Abo said...

I was super impressed by Feeley last night. I honestly thought he had my Pats beaten with those passes to the inside. I think Reid should go with him...

Starrlight said...

I totally agree. I was SO BUMMED they lost. I loathe the Pats.

Desert Songbird said...

I'm with Starr. I've had it with the so-called Tom Terrific and his almighty Pats.


Matt-Man said...

Feeley looked pretty good. Cheers!!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I had to go to bed just after Philly scored to take the lead in the 3rd (after the PI call on Moss). I really expected NE to do a lot better than they did against the Eagles. I have no reason to love or hate any team, but I do appreciate the work NE is doing and their chance at becoming the forst team in over 30 years to have a perfect season.

Speaking of history, what about that insane game last night?

57 minutes of play without a score.
Watching squib after squib after squib in the way of field goals.
Watching the 4th quarter punt that came straight down and went PLOP! Stuck straight up in a mud puddle.

Bond said...

See, now I credit the Eagles D with this game...they showed the weaknesses in the Pats offense and someone ...maybe Baltimore is going to exploit those weaknesses and this week the Pats lose and Miami wins and the rotation of the earth can continue

Anthony said...

I'm with bond. They held the Pats to half of what they normally score. The other 7 came from AJ.

The storm is in full swing, and it's only Tuesday. I wonder where this AJ was when he started for Miami or backed-up in San Diego? Somehow, he comes to life here. Kinda.
His INTs were bonehead throws and he forced a lot of balls that were fortunate to be caught.
Reid said he won't start #5 until he's 100%, yet Runyan starts every game with his broken tailbone. Methinks the QB is a bit dainty sometimes.
Some guys are "philly guys" and some aren't. Aaron Rowand is. Pat Burrell isn't. Jimmy Rollins is. Adam Eaton isn't.
Brian Dawkins is. Todd Pinkston wasn't.

We'd better hope Kevin Kolb is.

Sparky Duck said...

Jenny-You can only talk if you tell me who Tom Brady was backing up at Michigan. Until that time, it was shit luck drafting him.

Christine-Feeley exposed a Pats weakness. As someone on another blog told me, NE has Linebackers that are as old as my Father. That is the weakness.

Starr-I know you know where AJ played his college ball.

Songbird-Spoken like a true Indy fan.

Matt-Thats what I just said

Michael-I like the Pats really. Its all about the 80s Giants connection and connection to the Tuna. As for last night, blech.

Bond-It was Feeley actually getting rid of the ball and trusting his WRs that made the difference. NE decided not to try and run, big mistake.

Anthony-INT #3 was not AJs fault, it was the part of the game, Peyton or Johnny U probably would have thrown a pick. But you are right INT #1  were killers. Donovan has never been a Philly guy. Ship his ass to Minnesota.