Thursday, October 18, 2007

You are an NCAA referee?

And you are going to make a chicken shit offensive pass interference call in the last minute?? What did Tony Soprano scare you into calling that bullshit penalty? Or was it the NCAA presidents that were sweating like money filled pigs because they were worried about how there BCS would be destroyed by an undefeated University of South Florida. I love college football, but this crap is beginning to make me not want to love it.


Desert Songbird said...

I didn't watch what you did, but apparently a bogus call was made, and now USF is no longer undefeated. Am I right?

Bogus calls are something Indiana, Ohio, (and now AZ fans) are used to; you learn to expect it.

wordnerd said...

We Tigers down here are used to crappy pass interference calls. I think they send the refs down here to TRAIN for crappy pass interference calls.

Starrlight said...


Anthony said...

I'll take "sweaty money-grubbing pigs" for two hundred.

The answer is: This makes the people in charge of the NCAA very anxious.

What is million-dollar bowl sponsorships involving schools with a compass direction in their name?

Correct, continue.

Jay said...

Oh dear, bitterness is thy name!

Bond said...

was out and did not see the game...did not see sportscenter this morning since i slept in because as i previously mentioned i was out...oh and did i mention that while out, me and single barrel jack did some communicating?

they have been sweating though...damn#2 USF...that piddly ass school can't go to a bcs bowl game nope nope nope

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I did not see the Thursday night game, but we were playing cards at Winston's and the UConn/Louisville game was on. The referee most likely to test positive for crack was working this game.

7-0 Louisville lead. They punt. UConn receiver holds up an arm to signal fair catch, makes the catch and starts running. L'ville special teams guy waves his arms at the ref who is clueless and the UConn special teams guy runs the ball back for a touchdown which THEY LET STAND!


Christie O. said...