Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #55 1972 One

Thirteen Things about 1972

While I really considered doing a TT on Thirteen reasons I hate Comcast, since they are disturbing my one morning in the last few weeks where I could sleep late with there construction outside my window, I decided to stick with plan A. It is some ducks birthday soon, so I figured I would do a little ditty about the year he or she was born. So, 13 things from 1972.

1.January 5, 1972-President Nixon signs off on an order to start the development of the Space Shuttle program.
Perhaps he was trying to update his surveillance systems.

2.February 5, 1972-Bob Douglas is the first African American elected to the basketball hall of fame. Douglas was the founder of the New York Renaissance and was the first black manager in sports history.

3.February 17, 1972-The Volkswagen Beetle sales exceed the Ford Model T in number when number 15,007,34 beetle is produced. At least they did not explode like Pintos.

4.March 24, 1972-The Godfather is released in theaters. I have seen this version, but never in one sitting. I think it took 20 different cable showings to see it fully. Too bad I didnt do that with Godfather 3.

5.May 15, 1972-Governor George Wallace of Georgia is shot at an Laurel, Maryland political rally.

6.May 28, 1972-The First successful Watergate Break In-Arrogance in the White House is taken to a new, super crazy level.

7.June 17, 1972-Five White House operatives are arrested for the Watergate break in, which happened to be home of the Democratic National Committee
-They did realize they were running against George McGovern, right?

8.July 21, 1972-George Carlin is arrested in Milwaukee for public obscenity after doing his 7 things you can't say on TV rant.
Those 7 words? Piss, shit, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and Tits. And here I thought Mother effer was two words.

9.September 4, 1972-The First episode of the Price is Right is shown on TV. Unspayed or neutered pets around the world celebrate.

10.September 5, 1972-The Munich Disaster occurs at the Olympics in Germany. Amazingly I can not even come up with a joke.

11.October 5, 1972-Sparky Duck's alter ego is born.

12.October 25, 1972-The first female FBI agents are hired. J. Edgar Hoover gets new people to share makeup secrets with.

13.December 31, 1972-Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash en route to taking supplies and relief to Earthquake victims in Venezuela. Some Pirates fans still have not recovered.

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Christine d'Abo said...

This all happened two years before I was born! It's nice to know we are in the same age bracket Sparky. :)

And Happy Birthday!!!

pissed off patricia said...

We need some white house operatives arrested today.

Okay cut the cake and let's get this party started. Happy pre-birthday.

Hootin'Anni said...

#12 is really a cool addition!!!

Mine is posted, won't you drop by? I'd love for you to come visit with me.

Carrie Lofty said...

Kind of a big year, wasn't it?

Ann Aguirre said...

Happy birthday. Interesting list. :)

Starrlight said...

Don't forget the later added 3 bonus words...fart, turd and twat!

And Happy B day the day before, Duckie!

amy said...

what a great idea for a list..and I love your featured pet of the week

Matt-Man said...

You are correct. Why did the Nixon folks bother to take the time to find out what the Dems and McGovern were doing that year?

The Gal Herself said...

Re: #4 … I guess 1972 was the year I learned that you could have sex standing up. I was a rather sheltered girl, and Sonny and the bridesmaid up against the door COMPLETELY rocked my world!

Re: #11 … Clearly the most important thing that happened in 1972!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

happy bday sparkle! you gonna pose with cake on your butt?

Lisa Andel said...

Happy Birthday Sparky!!!

and what Rhian said.

Sparky Duck said...

Christine-I always knew we were in the same hemisphere age wise.

PoP-Now that would be a great birthday present, a Rove Frogwalk

Anni-I will be sure to drop by, thanks for visiting

Carrie-a year that changed America


Starr-I am just surprised i typed the word cunt

Amy-Get one for yourself then ;)


Gal-I believe I had the same experience with Two Moon Junction.

Rhi-In your dreams, and I know ya dream about it

Sparky Duck said...

Lisa-Thank You, only if you go first

AreWeThereYetMom said...

Wow on #8!! Can you imagine if actors or comics got arrested for this nowadays!! I was 5 days old when this happened.

Pass the cake and champagne!! :D

Happy Birthday Sparky!!

erin said...

A very eventful year! Great idea for a list; my birthday is this month, so I might have to do the same for my birth year. This week's list is things I'd rather do instead of grade papers. Happy TT!

Vixen said...

Great list with witty commentary, I love it! Happy TT.

Thomma Lyn said...

I was alive in 1972, but I hadn't been for long. :-D Great for a T13,and I enjoyed reading your list! 1972 was quite an eventful year.

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I'm with Rhi. The duck needs cake on his butt!!!

Happy birthday, Sparky! (you're only a bit younger than me. Amazing that, huh?)

SusieJ said...

That is some good research. Thanks.

Amy Ruttan said...

You're 6 years older than me! Still at least you're a 70's baby so you know what the hell I'm talking about most times! LOL!

In case I'm not around tomorrow, happy b-day Sparky!

Denise Patrick said...

14. I turned 15.

So, I should remember all of that - but some of it is news to me.

That said, I do remember Watergate, the Munich Massacre, and Roberto Clemente's death. My mom was a big baseball fan.

Happy TT!

Jenny McB said...

Happy Birthday and the only thing that really surprised me on your list was the Price is Right. God, it seemed like it was on forever!!

And oh, to have Beckett pitch even more...

julia said...

This really is a great idea for a TT - I can see it taking off all over the Blogosphere. When you were born I was in grade 3, completely unaware that someday I would be conversing with a sparky duck through a keyboard. At that time my aunt had an Underwood typewriter that would not have made for easy blogging.

Damozel said...

"It was a time I remember oh so well." Just to paraphrase a song from in or around that era.

I remember the Beetles with nostalgia. They came in every color under the sun and were very cheap and---according to my dad---very dangerous owing to the engine being in the back.

We thought things then were as bad as they could get but we also thought they were on the point of changing for good. Sadly, it WASN'T the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Nicholas said...

Re #6. Thank heavens we don't see that sort of thing any more!

Peg said...

Happy Birthday Sparky!! Cheers!


Robin said...

Oh man, back when my husband and I were dating he used to borrow the Pinto From Hell occasionally. I think it was about that old, or at least it sure felt it...

Happy birthday to Sparky Jr!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...


Tink said...

I turned 4 in 1972. happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a great day!
Thanks for visiting my Tolkien TT.

Lisa Andel said...

You're on Sparky!!!

Malcolm: said...

I'm late as hell, but oh well. I had never heard of Bob Douglas until now. I will have to do some research to find out more. By the way, your choice for #12 made me crack up.