Monday, October 01, 2007

On Campus September 29th

Ok, lets get the painful part out of the way first. California nipped Oregon 31 to 24. It was painful to watch and smacked a bit of the Eagles in the first game of the year. The Bears got at least 14 points off Oregon turnovers, including one muff of a kickoff and Dennis Dixon finished off any talk of the Heisman by throwing an interception in the red zone and one interception at his own 10. Never mind the fumble on the one yard line. Trust me, this Duck was quite upset!

That pain relived once again, thank you very much, the rest of the Saturday, and really Friday night was a day full of upsets.
Upset that surprised me the least you ask? Texas getting thumped by Kansas State, 41 to 21. This Texas is not the Texas of 2 years ago, they had a nice ranking based on the fact that they are the Longhorns, there coach is Mack Brown and the have a Quarterback with a really cool name. The Wildcats know how to play the Longhorns, look at what happened last year, so this was not shocking to me, though the score was.

Upset that shocked me the most? Florida losing at home to Auburn. Auburn still does not have an offense, I do not think they have had an offense since Tommy Tuberville got there 9 years ago, but they know how to hang on to a lead. Florida was another one of those overrated teams, and if you want to talk overrated coaches, lets look at Urban Meyer. He won at Bowling Green with someone elses players, he won at Utah with players recruited by someone esle and he won last year with the Gators with, you guessed it, players recruited by Ron Zook. So it should be no shock when his system is figured out and he has to rely on talent. The Gators are young and for all the talk of Tim Tebow, he can not really throw a good ball.

The upset that made me happiest of course was Oklahoma losing to Colorado. I have a special kind of hatred for the Sooners and there whiny, slimy, egostical coach Stoops. I must admit that as I watched the Buffaloes celebration after the winning field goal, when the cameras caught an 8 year old Sooner fan crying in the stands. Get used to it kid, your coach never schedules anyone and then hopes to get lucky to get through the weak Big 12!

I mentioned South Florida on Friday night, but they could be the BCS Cinderella this year. They have a killer defense and tough as nails quarterback. Oh yea, and there cheerleaders are hot. Go Bulls for sure.

Rutgers lost in there first real game, I guess Norfolk State was not a good warmup in comparison to Maryland. USC is still overrated, though not as overrated as before, since they are no longer the number one team in the land. That spot is owned by the Bayou Bengals of LSU, who are just a wicked team on offense and defense. Plus one of there biggest boosters said that she thinks Oregon will beat USC, which would make my year. So lets all follow the Wordnerd and hop on the purple bandwagon.

Hawaii won again of course, fun team to watch, even when they are playing the Idaho school for the blind, which is of course the University of Idaho Vandals football team.

**Edit-I forgot to add the gratuitous cheerleader shot, so here are some Trojans I do like, the girls of Troy University***


Starrlight said...

Bad day for Orygone.

Oh and hey, I got bling for you over at my place ;)

Tug said...



Go Huskers? My uncles went to Auburn? (daddy & bro say 'GO TIDE' though - gotta go with them)


HATE the Buffs. LOVE a Big 'O'.


That is all.

Tug said...


Meant THE big 'O', as in Oregon? Not believable? heh


Matt-Man said...

Notre Dame scored 19 points!! Baby steps, baby steps!!

wordnerd said...

Thanks, buddy!

Sparky Duck said...

Starr-Is it Orygone or Oriegun. I was taught that its not gone because there is no E on the end.

Tug-Being where you are, I will forgive the Buffs hating. However, no Yankees crap on my blog :P

Matt Man-Bet ya can;t wait for the Irish to play a Service Academy, they may get 21.

Nerdy-I'm with ya until they are the last undefeated team besides Hawaii and So Fla. Then I root for chaos.

Christie O. said...

yayyyyyyy go bulls!!!!!!

Desert Songbird said...

Aww, the Nike Ducks lost. Woe is them. We were pretty pleased to hear about the K-State Wildcats. Go 'cats!

At least these pom-pom shakers aren't as tarty as the USF chicks you keep posting. These girlies look almost wholesome.

pissed off patricia said...

I told you to keep an eye on South Florida, they are kicking ass this year. Go Bulls!