Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Campus, October 6

Ok, this last week is going to be a bit of a drunken haze, because there was this party and then there is alcohol and well, cake and more alcohol, etc. I did get a chance to see a few games.

The Red River Rivalry was this weekend. I owe Oklahoma an apology, the Sooners are no longer the most overrated football team around. They can tackle and run and do other intangible type things that any Division 1 football team can do. They are still one of the top 5 overrated teams in the country, but a win over Texas takes them down a peg or two. I still despise there coach, but I am sure he does not even have an idea of who I am.

The Battle of the Sunflower was this past weekend as well. They really need to come up with a better nickname for the Kansas/Kansas State rivalry. Two questions, how is the Kansas Coach not a walking heart attack? He is huge, and makes Ralph Friedgen look small. Also, Kansas itself may be the team to beat in the Big 12, there quarterback can throw, there defense is pretty solid and the coach (who I just called fat) takes chances, which helps you to win some games year to year.

The long national nightmare, the losing streak of Notre Dame, is finally over, as the Fighting Irish finally got a win, upsetting UCLA. I am not sure the Bruins coach is really that good, but I was not one of those folks that thought ND would go 0-8. Cross your fingers against the Trojans.

Oh, speaking of the Trojans, HA HA HA, they lost! A team that still can not tackle, has a quarterback who is a matinee idol as opposed to a real QB and they almost have too many running backs. I will admit I thought I was in a drunken stupor when I read ESPNews and it said that Stanford had won. Not that anyone could really find the game on Versus, but I admit I did a little jig.

Finally, LSU continued to roll, dropping the Florida Gators with a second half comeback. Coach Les Myles is either crazy, or a genius, or maybe a bit of both, since he went on 4th down 4 times in the second half and was right all 4 times, to help his Bayou Bengals complete an amazing comeback.

No Ducks this weekend, which is probably good, since I would have missed most of it.


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

*** clears throat ***

And what about the Battle of the Sunshine State?

The rivalry of FSU and UF has become little more than two mules fighting over a turnip, but alas we have a new rivalry and it takes place this Saturday at Noon on ESPN-U.

In their third match-up in three years, the undefeated, fifth-ranked Bulls of South Florida will be hosting the 3-2, almost-beat-Texas, Knights (or is it ki-nig-its) of Central Florida.

Can UCF be the upset spoiler to USF's Cinderella season? Or will the likely kicking of the Knight's ass ensue?

Tilly Greene said...

Oh man, don't I know it! Thank goodness Cal is doing well, otherwise I'd hear more muck about the Trojans.

Word is that Bootey is out for the next match - fingers crossed :-)

wordnerd said...

Glad to see you are finally sitting up again, Sparky!!! ;)

For the record, Les Miles is a crazy genius.