Monday, October 22, 2007

Joshua Tree almost old enough to buy beer

Well, at least if the Joshua Tree was a person and not one of those life changing musical albums of my generation (and please don't say generation X).

Thats right, the U2 album, the Joshua Tree has turned 20, which is leading to a digitally remastered re release of the album in November. This is one of those albums, cds, cassettes that you would have worn out if you were at the young and impressional age when it was released the first time. It is being released in 4 versions, including Vinyl, which makes it a dinosaur in its own right, as well as a CD box set that will include a DVD of the Joshua Tree concert stop in Paris, France.

I already know that I am going to be putting that last version on my Christmas list, though I do not know how they can improve on such a magnificent piece of musical art. Beyond the brilliant songs like I still Haven't Found What I am Looking For and Where the Streets have no name, this CD had some gems that did not get as much mainstream airplay, like Red Hill Mining Town and One Tree Hill. Beautiful stuff.

By the way, I linked the videos from YouTube in the post, so if you somehow missed some of those gems, start clicking above.

Of course the only problem with a release and a celebration like this is that it makes me feel more and more ancient.


Starrlight said...

OOHH I KNOW! I belong to the official fan club and guess what? The DVD will have the Neil Tennant directed VIDEO for Red Hill Mining Town. SO excited. I have preordered the 2 disc dvd set.

One Tree Hill is one of my all time favorite U2 songs. Top 10 if not Top 5. And the JT tour was my first U2 concert =)

Desert Songbird said...

"In God's Country" - THE best cut on the album.

Tug said...

AWESOME album - one of my faves!!

Carrie Lofty said...

I'll fight you for it, Songbird. The best track is "Red Hill Mining Town." *swoons*

But yes, I do this to songs all the time. Holy crap! "Don't You Want Me" by Human League is nearly 26! "Hotel California" is 31!

Anthony said...

My fav was always Bullet the Blue Sky.

I'm not big on the re-release/re-mix deal. I think it (A) cheapens the original recording and (B) strikes me as a money grab.

I'm perfectly happy with the original mix, just like the band was 20 years ago.

Dragon said...

I have this one in my cd player right now. Awesome music and now I feel old too. :)

Have ya missed me?

Red Garnier said...

LOL!!! That old, Sparky? Wow. And I've always LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this album. It was where I truly became hooked with U2. ;)

Lisa Andel said...

I'm with Red, OLD? Medicare is just around the corner.

Excellent album, btw.

MissMargo said...

Okay, as a member of the official fan club for 10+ years, owner of over 100 U2 Albums (all studio releases, singles, many live concerts), every book (including the Peter & the Wolf Narrated by Bono...look it up posers), all the DVD's, EVERY SINGLE ROLLING STONE they've ever appeared on idividually or as a whole, the 1987 "Biggest Band in the World" Time Magazine, ..attendant of many concerts...resdient of apartment with an entire room devoted to posters, a first and second generation limited edition U2 Ipod I will tell you this:

War is a far better album than Joshua Tree. That's right. I don't really care for Joshua Tree, and any who care to argue with me, can take a hike.

Anthony said...

I'd be willing to bet that the band members don't have as much U2 stuff as missmargo has. What does that say?

War is 4X platinum and Joshua Tree is 10X, so methinks there'd be enough people to put up an argument - at least 6X of them - if they could find him in that room. :)

And, where were you on February 28, 2003?

Starrlight said...

It's music. Stating categorically that x is better than y is ridiculous. Everyone has individual tastes.

Bond said...


Gee Sparky...Just because I was 34 when this was released...DOES NOT MAKE ME OLD

MissMargo said...

I recognize my illness.

Though at what point did record sales determine quality. Is this to say that Fergie's latest release is better than say, the Racanteurs, simply because she sold more records??

There is a flaw in your logic darling, as there is in my collecting. :)

Sparky Duck said...

Children Children, don't make me come back there.

On a Musical level, I tend to agree that for development, War maybe a better album then Joshua Tree, but it is also a much angrier, rougher album. Joshua Tree is where the band hit more of its stride. Plus, for me at least, there are no songs I skip on this CD, while War, I have to be in the mood for.

Plus, Joshua Tree was a tape I could actually get the folks to listen to on long car rides, so right there it makes it a better album for me.

Margo of course should not be even talking about U2 this much, with the restraining order and all ;)

Wylie Kinson said...

The Joshua Tree was my first U2 album - and it still gets played.

Christine d'Abo said...

Like Wylie, Joshua Tree was my first U2 album. I picked up Rattle and Hum after that. Great band, fantastic cd.

And if Joshua Tree was a Canadian, it would be drinking already. ;)

Anthony said...

Logic? Who said anything about logic? We're not comparing different artists. People liked "Abbey Road" more than "Help", evidenced by the fact that it sold more records. If they liked "Help" more, it would have sold more.

Logically, I only have to own 2 U2 albums to know which one I like better, if we're comparing them.

Starrlight said...

Again folks...subjective. Britney Spears has made millions off of her "talent" aka highly marketed tits.

Hell some people think POP is their best album ;)

Amy Ruttan said...

Um I was like 9 when that came out. Loved it though, still love it.

As for almost being able to drink,(Insert Nelson laugh here) JT would be legal in Canada. Muwahahahahaha.

Bond said...

Starr is so right about this...

If you rate an album's worth by the number of copies it has sold, well then Joshua Tree has much less listening value than:
Garth Brooks - Double Live
The Backstreet Boys - Debut
Brittany - ...Baby One More Time
Backstreet Boys - Millennium
Various Artists - Forest Gump Soundtrack

shall i go on?????

A albums worth is in the ear of the is how you viscerally connect with the music...the lyrics and the melodies...the messages being transmitted...

One person can not determine for another which album is better...only the person listening can make that determination.

Starrlight said...

Bond gets it!!