Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Marathon Thursday

Yes, we are talking about last Thursday. And oh hell no, I am not running any marathons. Webbed feet just are not conducive to the kind of distance, at least running wise.

Mrs Duck herself spent more time getting prepped for surgery and sleeping in recovery then the actual time surgery occurred at Jeff. The doctor is hopeful that he has cleaned out the infection in her jaw bone fully and thankfully, her doc did not break her jaw, which would have meant plates and jaws wired shut and a really really cranky Sparky and Mrs Duck after a week.

Whatever medicine they gave her for the pain was strong as cow pills, because after throwing up the last of the blood in her stomach and complaining one last time about how her throat hurt from the ventilation tube, she was zonkered out the rest of the day. Which turned out to actually be a blessing, because...

As we pulled up to our Condo, there was a large group of our local towns finest parked in front of that house two doors down from us. And they had a small Honda all lit up like a Christmas tree. Now, normally, this would be exciting for a suburbanite like myself, but I had places to go and I was still starving. And it was 9pm already. Now, I do not exactly know what happened, since I did not stop to ask but I think I can determine something from little hints I saw.
1.I saw two people in the back seats of two of the cop cars getting read something off there little notecards.
2.One police officer was in our communal back yard area with a flashlight, trying to probably find a runner.
3.The Honda was towed away, which is when I headed out on my pain med run to CVS and some dinner of Mickey D's.

So, yes, a long day got totally longer, but I leave you with this last question. When you were growing up, or if you have kids today and the cops are parked out in front of your house, toying one of your son's friends cars away and they are waiting to talk to you Mom or Dad when you get home from wherever you were, would you allow this same son or daughter of yours out that Friday night to hang out with his friends or at least to get picked up by some other group in a car? I know I would be one dead duck.


The Gal Herself said...

Sounds like you had a bit more drama than you needed Thursday! I wish you a blissfully dull week starting right now.

In answer to your closing question, I believe I was raised as part of the same flock as you. No way I would have been out the following night … perhaps not ever.

Bond said...

So happy Mrs. Duck is on the road to recovery...

The answer to your question is well, if mom and dad gave a crap, the first thing would never have happened, so it does not surprise me that the Friday night occurred....

Tilly Greene said...

Ummm, NO! Grounded for years would be more like it!

So, how is Mrs Duck doing - giving you all sorts of chatter?

pissed off patricia said...

Please give Ms Duck a little healing kiss on the head for me.

The kid who lives behind me, along with a couple of his friends, stated a fire behind my house. After the firemen and police came and went. The dad put his arm around the kid and they had a good laugh.

I just don't get some parents today. My dad would have whipped my butt or grounded me for the rest of my life. For that reason I don't do stuff today that will result in my getting in trouble, I learned at a young age what happens if you do.

Nancy said...

No because I would have killed him/her or them. Jeez! Parents drive me crazy!

I hope Mrs. Duck is well on the way to recovery!