Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Preseason can be fun

You know, it just hit me, last Friday was one sports filled Friday. First there was golf, and then the Eagles at the Linc. I may not see sports in person for a while now just to make up for it with Mrs Duck.

Preseason games are usually boring as heck. Especially when they are pro football preseason games. Most of the guys do not want to get themselves hurt, so they don't play. The coaches don't want to tip there hands for the upcoming season too much, so they use base defenses and offensive schemes (english translation:the plays are very vanilla and chocolate). So, most times the games are not that exciting and the tickets are easy enough to scam off the real ticketholders.

However, a game like this can be exciting as all get out when you are 7 rows from the field on the 25 yard line! I used to watch games this close all the time, high school games in NJ. When I looked at the tickets that Mrs Duck had gotten from a career oriented connection, I think I almost fell over. And when we found our seats, we had to double check that we should have been that close.

I can see why the big guns pay that much for a ticket that close now. You hear the different calls on the field, are able to wave to the long snapper as he practices and see the sweat glisten off the cheerleaders. Ok, it was hot as all hell and Mrs Duck will hate that last line, but it was true.

One other benefit, is some great pictures, which I will share a few of now. Again, I think I do have some skills when it comes to photography, but when it comes to pictures at football games, its all luck, or at least being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Best action shot:Lito Sheppard returning an interception for a touchdown.

I savored these seats, because I will probably never get this close again.


Anthony said...

"see the sweat glisten off the cheerleaders"
You buried the lead!

Nice pics. Trotter's last game as an Eagle, although we didn't know it then.

Sometimes, saying goodbye to a good and likable player is difficult, because we want them to play forever. Soon, it will be Dawkins too - and that will be even harder.
I just hope they know what they're doing. They'll need to stop the run.

Starrlight said...

Awesome seats!

Tilly Greene said...

Wow, so close to the game, and yet you mention the sweat on the cheerleaders!

Oi! Mrs Duck!

It's lovely to be back and razzing your feathers :-)

Bond said...

For football thee is that ting and tang about being too close... you can have a hard time watching all the action if you are too close - when you are a bit higher you have a better chance of seeing the 'plays develop" but those are way cool pictures...

InterstellarLass said...

Lucky you! I don't really like watching on TV, but between Nick and his dad, I have a feeling I'll be seeing a lot this season.

Sparky Duck said...

Anthony-Dawkins is going to be so so bad. He better just retire as an Eagle.

Starr-Beyond awesome seats. Those seats would even be cool for a Falcons game.

Tilly-Just trying to keep up with all you sexy authors

Bond-I agree, up high you do see the trap open up before the RB does. But the view from the field was always great if you knew what play was coming.

Lass-If they had DirecTV, I could guarantee you would see plenty of games this season