Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Must Watch or Must Sleep Through?

Its the dog days of summer for television, unless of course you are a big brother fan. Baseball is not yet in the final pennant run, the commercials for network TV do absolutely nothing to make one excited for the new shows and unless your watching Burn Notice or The Closer, there is no real new TV with an actual script or plot.

So, the Cable News Networks have gone into talking about politics, with debates and Super Tuesday sessions on MSNBC, where it is all politics all the time. And tonight, the AFL-CIO is holding a Working Families Forum for the Democratic Candidates.

I worry that it is already a bit of overkill, reinforcing the perception that Hillary is the frontrunner and that every one else is an also rand. Kuchinich's goofy little IM peace gimmick is not exactly keeping things from looking like a sideshow or carnival. And I understand why the union is doing it, they need to try and reinforce there slipping power as a political force and this is just the way to do it.

But, will you watch? I know I will, partly because there is not too much else on, partly because I like Keith Olbermann and he could really make a good host and partly because I am a political junkie. But, I also don't think I will learn that much. I might be jaded or think I know whose who in the Democratic Party, but all the candidates that are front runners are so safe and the lower ranks, like Biden, who have different personalities or actions, never get noticed beyond the day of the debates.

So, 7:00 pm Eastern Time on MSNBC, will you watch? And before you say, no its the Democratic Party Candidates, if it was Republicans instead, would you watch?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well sparky do you like any of them? i don't much like any that are running on either side. i know it will be hillary for the dems though. she will play dirty if she needs to. the cleavage didn't work. ha ha

good luck, we are all going to need it this time!

smiles, bee

Sparky Duck said...

Personally, I am a Biden fan, but he is not getting any traction, nor is he really going to in the future, to off his rocker I think. Its going to be Hillary, probably, but I can't say who the other side will send out, because I think all of them have issues as well.

Bee, no mention of cleavage and Hillary in the same sentence please going forward, it conjures up bad images.

FRIGGA said...

I'm so glad I don't pay for cable.

The Rock Chick said...

There's a new show on Spike called Kill Point or Killing Point. It's on Sunday nights. It's about a bank robbery gone bad and the hostage negotiations that follow. I'm really liking it!

I watch a little of these debates here and there. You said it, though, you just don't learn that much..maybe because they never say anything...I don't know!


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I like The Closer and I've thought this whole season has been pretty weak, but last night's was the best of the season. Even aside from the off-duty romance and health story lines, the fact that Brenda Lee actually fired her weapon in the line of duty made the episode!

Also, DOG - The Bounty Hunter is starting new episodes as the man himself is heading out on a book tour. I saw him on Larry King last week discussing the dropping of the charges he faced in Mexico.

Here's the hardest thing to believe. The U.S. Government is so slow to try to stop the Mexican invasion of our borders yet they had the time and resources to send Federal Marshals to Hawaii to arrest Dwayne Chapman because Mexico asked them to. The arrest was for breaking the law regarding deprivation of liberty of an American serial rapist (86 counts) who was hiding from the authorities in Porta Vallarta, Mex.

Sparky Duck said...

Jess-thats the one with Leguizamo right?

Michael-yea thanks, since i am one week behind on the closer, nothing like sharing a spoiler for an episode I aint seen yet :)

Dwayne Chapman is Dog right?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yes, Dwayne's nickname is Dog, they say from his biker gang days. And gee, is it that much of a spoiler that a cop uses a gun?

Nancy said...

We are not doing anything w. politics right now. We are too disgusted.

We did watch The Closer and it was intense!!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

As I thought about it more, I guess it could be a spoiler, because as we've seen, Brenda Lee Johnson always has a purse made by American Tourister or Samsonite, so it could take a while to find it, as she has previously LOST her purse and her cell phone.

Sparky Duck said...

She's a upper crust cop, so her firing her gun is a tad out of the norm. Its like a COO of a trucking company helping to unload the latest shipment.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, I see a point, like a Law & Order episode I saw were the Lt. went on an arrest with them and seeing her wearing a vest and gun drawn was kinda weird, but not as weird as the same actress playing Brenda Lee Johnson's gyno.

J. Lynne said...

I too haven't watched the episode as it's DVR'd. :(

But I was going to point out that Sci-Fi's Eureka is in new Episodes on Tuesday nights and it's a little like X-Files meets Northern Exposure. It's certainly better than watching anything related to the elections right now.

Also, USA has new episodes of Monk and Psych on Fridays for a bit of investigative silliness.