Tuesday, August 07, 2007

AFL-CIO Sorta Live Continued

5. This is a Kucinich crowd, because he can sound like a liberal weenie nutjob and the will actually applaud.

6.There ya go Senator Dodd, get some applause and then make sure everyone knows the real problem is Saudi Arabia.

7.Eeps, Edwards just mentioned the possibility of failure, or at least in grand words, the possibility of failure.

8.Whoops Kucinich did not get the applause he was counting on, 30 seconds to kill

9.How often do we think we will ever hear Thomas Jefferson and Musharraf of Pakistan in the same sentence, even if there is a not in the sentence.

10.Nice answer by Obama for the attack from Dodd and Hillary.

11.Hillary still sounds whiny, I can't get past it so far.

12.Hillary gets the first noticeable boos at 7:50