Wednesday, August 01, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties-Nevada

Well, we are back, after a special edition of Philadelphia hotties over the weekend. Look in the blogathon entries, we even named a Philadelphia hot male.

Though, as we get our webbed feet underneath us, its back in the Southwest Sun Belt with todays state, Nevada. Is anyone stunned that it seems a lot porn stars were born in Nevada? I didn't think it would.

Charisma Carpenter was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 23, 1970. While there were many many pictures of her in the nude form, she is also an actress in mainstream television shows like Veronica Mars, LAX, Charmed and Angel.


Bond said...

yummy what a breakfast!

Matt-Man said...

Those chains add that certain something. Cheers Sparky!!

Dragon said...

Why do women and chains drive men crazy?

Hyperion said...

My Ninja! You finally got one out of the park right.

You may now bang one hooker.

FRIGGA said...

...I was gonna say "no comment" but I find it hard to let it pass - How can the best looking femme in Nevada be a porn star? Not to knock porn stars, but the best looking girls should be able to get big $$$ without resorting to that... At least if they have some talent.

Sparky Duck said...

Dragon-perhaps it is the same reasons men in gladiator outfits seem to drive women nuts?

Frigga-Luckily, Charisma is not a porn star. While she may have posed in some racy shots and been in some soft corish roles, she has enough mainstream acting gigs to not be a porn star.

Starrlight said...


She is totally not a porn star, she's a Whedon girl!

Good choice, Duckie One =)