Monday, July 23, 2007

You all U2 quite well

So, the contest is over, and I actually have to put my judging hat on, because there is no instant winner. No one got all 4 of the songs that I would have picked, and I expanded my list to 8 for pete's sake. My Answers by the way for only 4 would have been.

2.Where the Streets Have No Name
3.All I want is you
4.and my personal favorite, at least right now.

I mean hello?? Red Hill Mining Town folks, a classic, hmm hmm...

So, this is what I am going to do, since everyone was so freaking impressive.

Anyone that wants a CD that just email me at blujackit AT with your mailing address.

Why do I think this prize is so special?

It may or may not contain *wink wink nudge nudge for legal reasons*

A live With or Without You that I don't have a clue where its from
Beautiful Day Live from the Grammys
a 6 minute live version of 40
Dancing Queen cover
Sometimes You Cant Make on Your own from the Grammys
The Super Bowl Performance from just after 9/11
A cover of Radioheads Creep
A Where the Street that Have No Name performance from Boston and one from Rotterdam
Original of the Species from San Diego
Bad from Phoenix, AZ

So, just drop me a line and I will make it up, since all these ideas are great and really, I am not a bastard when it comes to sharing my music.


Christie O. said...

sorry i missed this one!! i would have had really lame answers anyways.. :)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Great performance of "Walk On' that year at the Superbowl. We had to leave the bar and go home to watch it because they were buying the Playboy half-time PPV and turned off U2, those Pittsburgh Steeler-loving bastards. The guy who owns the place is a die-hard Steelhead - even sells Iron City and Iron City Lite in his bar in Atlanta.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...
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Starrlight said...

Excellent may or may nots! I will be sending the digits =)

Desert Songbird said...

Sent you and e-mail, oh feathered one.

Twyla said...

Just sent you an e-mail. :-)

kailani said...

Mahalo! Do you still have my address?