Saturday, July 28, 2007

bthon 8.48 Tastykakes

Growing up in Central Jersey, Tastykakes always competed with Drakes cakes when you could pick up little treats at the supermarket, especially since mom was not about to allow Hostess in either of her ducky boys.

In Philly, Drake's cakes are verboten. Tastykakes were created when a Pittsburgh Baker and a Boston Egg salesman started up in Philadelphia in 1917. Chocolate Juniors, which I have never heard of, were the first new product created exclusively for Tastykake and they are still based in Philadelphia today. For me, it would be a tough decision to decide on a favorite between Creme Filled Junior Koffee Kakes and the Jelly filled Krimpets. Whats your favorite?

Oh and did you know that you can get Tastykakes shipped anywhere in the world? They make great gifts, just ask the Cat Wrangler.


It's Me... Maven said...

Tasty Cakes kick ass. I loved those chocolate covered peanut butter ones!!! I loved it when my dad would take me to 7-11 to pack a lunch for field trips! Always a tastycake in there!!

Anthony said...

My favorite as a kid were the Peanut Butter Tandy Kakes. Now, it's the Coconut Junior. It's great energy food for bike rides.

Bond said...

Drakes guy here...grew up on LI

didn't even have TastyKakes back then

FRIGGA said...

I've never heard of any of that. I always had good ole Hostess