Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bthon 12.48 Famous Freemasons

The Shriners are members of the Freemasonry, which is another Fraternal Organization, like the umbrella over the Shriners organization. Does that make any kind of sense? Well, anyway, the Free Masons are the ones that determined the one organized "being" who is at the center of getting into the Shriners in the first place. Freemasons seem to be some of the upper echelon people of our country, the lawyers, bankers and candlestick makers. Again, I am surprised I am raising money for this charity, but they did such a special job with Mrs Duck that I could not ignore it.

Anyway, there a many famous freemasons and here are some that I recognized right off the bat.

Eddy Arnold
Gene Autry
"Count" Basie
Nat King Cole
Burl Ives
Harpo Marx
Arnold Palmer
Roy Rogers
Will Rogers
Mark Twain
John Wayne


Widow's Son said...

Your explanation is a little confusing.

To become a Shriner you must already be a Mason. This is a rule of the Shrine. It is subject to change, and has been discussed... in other words, the Shrine has considered letting non-Masons join.

No Masonic organization rules the Shrine.

Widow's Son

Sparky Duck said...

honestly, as i researched it, it was confusing as hell to me too

Bond said...

pretty impressive...

Widow's Son said...

I should elaborate on the statement "No Masonic organization rules the Shrine." A disagreement in May between the Grand Master of Arizona, who is the leader of Masons in Arizona, and the Shrine Grand Poobah of Arizona, led to the Grand Master decreeing that no Arizona Mason could enter an Arizona Shrine Temple, effective shutting down the Temple since all its members were Masons.

They've since worked things out.

If you ever have Masonic questions, just ask me. Visit

Widow's Son

Sparky Duck said...

Honestly, I am all about the Shriners Hospitals today, but thanks

FRIGGA said...

It seems to be kinda hard to get details on Masons - what with everything being so secretive... I wish someone with the knowledge could explain how all that works.