Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blthon 25.48 Spammers

How brutal do you have to be to spam a blog doing things for charity?? The better question is, is it wrong of me to think of some sort of way to spam the heck out of them back because they ticked me off?

I think its kind of like cutting off a funeral procession because you want to get to the fresh Krispy Kremes. Bleh!


tiggerprr said...

Spammers really do suck... :(

Krispy Kremes really are good though. But I don't think I'd cut off a funeral procession to get to one. :)

Emily Ryan-Davis said...

I used to think Krispy Kremes were a Destination until I actually walked into one where you could see all the cleaning going on after a donut batch went through. Gro-o-oh-osss. Ugh.

Sally said...

Hahaha. Yes I have gotten spam today, too. Boo spammers. Boo.

Anthony said...

Never tick off a duck. Nice of you to delete the comment.