Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 42.48 An Island Interview

Kailani is one of those great bloggers that always seem to have a well timed kind word. She runs two phenomenal blogs, An Island Life and An Island Review. Heck, she was smart enough to name me a Awesome Boy Blogger, how could she be bad at all. Plus, she let me interview her.

1.Again, thanks for letting me interview you. Lets get this started by just telling us a little bit about yourself.

Let's see . . . my name is Kailani and I blog at An Island Life and An Island Review. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawaii and work as a Flight Attendant. Even though Sparky didn't select me as the hottie of the 50th state, I still agreed to do this interview. *wink*

2.Now, I am going off assumption and you know what assuming does, but I assume you work for one of those smaller regional airlines. If someone came to you and said they would double your salary, would you work for bigger airline that means more travel?

No, I wouldn't. I really like the airlines that I work for because I have the choice of being based in the mainland or in Hawaii where my family is. My sister works for a larger airline company but is based in Los Angeles. It's very hard on her and her family when she has to commute.

3.Actually, living where you live, how do you manage to actually go to work everyday?

I'm not really a sunny beach person. Give me an air conditioned plane any day!

4.So, if you can, what do you think of the TSA?

Like any other profession, there's good and bad employees. As for their policies, I feel they're needed and makes me feel safer in the air. However, they need to exercise more consistency in enforcing these policies.

5.Strictly Hypothetical of course, but give all of our readers some idea of how to get along with in-laws?

No matter how much they get on my nerves (and believe me, they do!), I try to keep in mind that they are my husband's family. Bottom line. What also helps is that they live on a different island and I know that they eventually have to go home.

6.Since the theme of the blogathon is Philadelphia, have you ever visited our fine city?

I've never been to Philly but have been to Chicago. Is that close enough? *wink* My sister had a layover there and I went with her to hang out.

7.Cheesesteak, whiz or sliced cheese?

Is cheese whiz that processed goo in a can? Yuck!

8.You live all the way out there on the islands and sportwise there is nothing beyond the Hawaii Rainbows, sorry, Hawaii Warriors? Do you all have a team you follow?

Not really. Since we don't have a professional team, the locals are pretty much divided on who they support.

9.Do you know who Shane Victorino is?

Who? Oh, do you mean the baseball player? The one from Maui? I believe he started with the Dodgers and then was drafted by the Padres in the early 2000s. Didn't he end up with a team called The Phillies?
I was impressed

10.U2, you and I share a connection on. I know that the album, Joshua Tree came out just before I went into High School and the whole thing changed my musical listening life. What is your U2 moment?

It would have to be the release of the album - All That You Leave Behind. I found it to be very inspirational and moving.

11.Stuck in a snowstorm (ok just go with me here) and you have a broken TV set that only gets one channel, what channel do you hope it is stuck on?

I guess CNN. I hate being out of the loop and CNN would keep me updated on what was going on in the world. If not CNN, then maybe Home Shopping Network? hee hee

12.Lindsay Lohan, victim of a needy and useless family, or full blown idiot?

She needs to be taught a lesson by the criminal justice system!


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Great interview!

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Great interview!