Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 36.48 Book Review-Marriage Diaries-2 quacks

A book that started out with such promise and as time went on it just flitted out into nothingness. Thats my opinion of The Marriage Diaries by Rebecca Campbell. I think the biggest problem was the fact that none of the characters was at all likeable. Have you ever seen a Hugh Grant and look at him and say, oh you are over doing the foppery. That was the husband. Have you every thought Posh Spice would be an interesting conversationalist? Thats the wife. There friends are shallow and sort of charactiures of real people. It was one of those books that I read on a plane and somewhere over North Carolina I turned and looked at the wife and said, "I dont know if I want any of them to be happy".

Now it was a serviceable enough book because I was willing to finish it and see how the story ended as opposed to just starting a new book. That must mean something. Though another drawback, it just sort of ended.

Bleh, if you see it in a library pick it up. If its on a discount shelf, it would work for a distraction. Buy it new? I dont think so.