Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 27.48 To Be a Phillie or not to be a Phillie

I asked Anthony in his interview whether it is better to be a Phillie fan or a Nat fan right now. With the Phillies, they hang around, hang around, hang around and then break your heart in September. If you were a Nats fan, your year would be over in May.

As a fan that can not afford more then maybe 2 games a year, I would rather be a Phillies fan, because it means that the two games that I do go to will be worth the money spent, because they will be competitive. If I paid for season tickets, maybe not as much, because with the Phillies, you pay money that they never seem to use in the right spots. At least with the Nats, you know they will stink, so you dont have to worry about spending the money and keep it in your pocket.

But, it does get annoying, to see in front of you what the Phillies need and then sit by and watch your teams ownership not do anything about it. I think it is sort of like being a Lions fan in the NFL. They looks so potent on offense, but will need to score 50 points to win any games.

So, how about you? A team that you know will suck so you dont get your hopes up, or a team that will tease you with the playoffs and fail later?

And I am no fool, post a hot guy when you can.


Anthony said...

All winter, we were saying that the Phils needed bullpen help, so they went out and got a third baseman (Helms) and a catcher (Barajas).
Now, Utley goes down for a month and they go out and get a quality second baseman within 24 hours. Then, we watch the Astros trade Dan Wheeler for garbage and Scott Linebrink traded to Milwaukee. WTF?

Meanwhile, their opening day starter is their closer and they re-acquired old-timer Jose Mesa and stuck with rag armed Antonio Alfonseca.
Another win tonight, and we can only hope that the rest of the division plays back to the Phillies over the next 2 months.

Christine said...

The team doesn't matter to me.
Since being a SO CA girl it was the Dodgers and the Angels, and now living in Arizona it's the D-Backs, but I can not lie, if I watch a game of Baseball it's to check out the HOT guys. :)

Sparky Duck said...

Anytime you can use Cole Hammels, you do Christine.

Wheeler hurts, I dont think Linebrink is that good, but Wheeler hurts