Wednesday, July 04, 2007

50 Hotties 50 States-Maine

Another difficult state, yet not so difficult. The choices were slim, but the one hottie that made her presence known was an easy easy pick.

Rachel Nichols was born January 8, 1980 in Augusta, Maine. She is not the Rachel Nichols on ESPN, but the Rachel Nichols from Amityville Horror (the remake) and Alias, though she must have been on Alias after I stopped watching it. My Mistake.


Toni said...

Happy Independence Day!

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Anonymous said...

Dude, what's with the emaciated white women?

You need a chica with some meat on her bones, amigo!

Annie said...

Maine IS a hard state, but if I may add a male hottie to your list, Patrick Dempsey is from Lewiston, Maine. The man is aging quite nicely, indeed. :)