Monday, June 18, 2007

Where's Amy and El Pato

Its one of those times in a blog when you have two ways to go and you have to decide which way to go. But, I am going to take my cue from the Nightly News and do news before sports, weather, and the human interest story. But, try and hang on for it all, the human interest is a nice little thing to do.

Last week, or possibly even the week before there was a little boy left in an empty parking space at Christiana Medical Center in Newark, Delaware. A nurse discovered him, crying and hot from the sun, but overall healthy and agreeable in comparison to his situation. She brought him into the hospital and he eventually ended up with some foster parents while the autorities and the news tried to find his parents. The boy was 12 to 18 months, way beyond the safe haven law in Delaware, where you can leave a newborn baby up to one month old I think, with no questions asked. The child had a note with him, saying take care of John Vincent, since I can't anymore, God help me. Or at least something close to that.

Ok, sad story, the poor mother, what a shame, but at least the boy will probably end up with a good and happy home. Well, last week, their was a twist that takes the story from sad to something more sinister. Amy Giordano, the mother of the child is now missing. There have been statements that her abandoning her child at a hospital is irresonsible and she may be charged, if she is found. The problem is, she is from Hightstown, NJ. Hightstown is a good 2 hours away from Christiana. There are 3 hospitals that are closer, two of which within a half hour of where she lived. One of them is a nationally lauded hospital and another is run by a Catholic Church, who will not turn away an abandoned child. The third was my hospital as a kid, so its not going to be a fly by night operation. The note identified the boy as a totally different name then what his actually name was. There is an inkling in my brain that perhaps she has been met by some foul play, and Christiana was the first hospital someone found on 95 south for them to dump the kid.

Now to El Pato. See, we now quickly hop to sports! El Pato is the nickname of Angel Cabrera of Argentina. Cabrera is the 2007 US Open mens golf champion, defeating the number one and number 3 players in the world. Perhaps you have heard of them Tiger Woods and West Chester's Jim Furyk. Hats off to Cabrera, or even better, bills off to him, since El Pato stands for The Duck. Whats so remarkable about his win is that he is always one of those golfers that is right there, before the yips, jitters, or nerves hit him and he can not put a golf ball into the ocean. So, it was a shock that he beat Tiger, Furyk, a whole bunch of other name players, on a golf course that had greens as flat as a meatball pizza that has been jostled on the trip home. Nice one, Angel, Nice one!

Ok, real quick, if you have some time, hop on over and say hello to Chelle. She is having a really horrible day, having to do something none of us should have to do, so send her a cyber hug.


Anthony said...

So, here's a question to ponder. With sports in general, and the LPGA inparticular passing drug testing rules and trying to be leaders instead of followers, some would wonder if Cabrera's cigarette break on the course qualifies as a "performance enhancing drug".

It's puzzling to me. I don't smoke, but people I know who do say that it calms their nerves. If that is the purpose, then maybe his cigarettes should be confiscated before he goes out on the course?

The LPGA's guidelines are pretty strict, and they include some over-the-counter stuff like diet aids and other such things that may either give a player energy or relax her on the course.

Do cigarettes fall into this category?

julia said...

I hate thinking about how that abandoned boy felt until he was retrieved from the parking lot. But glad it didn't take too long. If his mother was severely depressed, it's lucky that he was abandoned rather than killed. At least she had that much going through her mind.

FRIGGA said...

From the way the story sounded, that mother took good care of her boy. I hope nothing tragic happened to her.

amy said...

You always have something interesting going on here!!!!

Praying for the mom, little boy and Chelle!

Christine said...

I hope the mother turns up alive and well. At least the little boy is safe.

Jenny McB said...

The story does sound like there is more to it, but I am glad that the little boy is okay.

I watched the golf this weekend and I think it's funny that they will say that Tiger's putt cost him the is all the strokes, not just one. My brother had made the 'choke' comment about Cabrera, so it is good that he was able to win the big one.

Anthony said...

jenny: True. We tend to focus (especially in sports) on the last 2 minutes or the final round. Tiger probably missed a half dozen "easy" birdie putts during the tournament - and so did a lot of others - but we only pay attention at the end.

Just like Christmas shopping. Has anyone started yet?

Chelle said...

You know, it's really hard to stay angry when there are people like you in the world. And, I guess that's the whole point. God bless you.

Anndi said...

I'll stop by chelle's in a bit.

I'm getting the same vibe you are about that little boy. I hope he finds a good home and nothing sinister has happened to his mom.

Thanks for sharing.

wordnerd said...

Re: Chelle? Consider it done (albeit belatedly!