Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #40-The Me One

Thirteen Unknown Things about Sparky Duck

First, just to let you know, the 50 States project will continue later on this afternoon.

I was tagged for a meme a few times, one time I know was by Tiff and then Wordnerd, to list 8 things that people in the blogosphere don't know about you. Now, since it took me forever to do this meme, I figure I would punish myself and make it 13 things. Twelve of these things will be true, one will be a lie. Can you guess which one is fake?

1. I will watch any kind of sport on TV but hockey. Hockey just does not translate to the TV set at least for me. This is a bold statement, because when I say anything I mean even the CFL, Womens Lacrosse and tennis over hockey.

2. I have an addictive personality. Which probably explains why I still smoke. I get into something and I just can't get out of it sometimes. Luckily, I also recognize my limitations, so I am not spending the rent money on vodka and the ponies.

3. I believe cats are good luck charms, or at least a spiritual center of mine. That explains my Bastet necklace and my Celtic Cat charm. Cats seem to love and trust me, no matter if its the first time I am meeting them or not. There has to be some reason they trust me that much.

4. I was raised a Catholic, baptised and confirmed, went to a Catholic high school and I don't consider myself a Catholic right now. I am more leaning toward the Wiccan beliefs. I have no problem with going to church, as long as it won't fall on my head. I just don't think the beliefs of the Church and myself see eye to eye anymore. Plus if I was 10 years younger, I would be Gothic.

5. I took piano lessons a few years ago and am disappointed that I stopped after only a few weeks because I could not get my left hand to work. Well, the left hand works, it just does not work well with my right hand when it comes to playing chords.

6. Mice scare me to death. Like scare me on the level of how some people are afraid of flying. They make my toes curl up, and I feel like I am hyperventilating. And this is when I see them running away from me outside. Inside, I just might pass out.

7. I fight the creeping of depression a lot. I think that can be fixed more by me turning things around in some parts of my life. But I can't do the pills, see #2.

8. Purple is my favorite color. I am talking a rich deep, eggplanty type purple. This explains I think why LSU was one of my favorite teams growing up and I still find myself pulling for the Bayou Bengals and Northwestern during the football season.

9. I surf. I don't consider myself an expert surfer, especially when it comes to comparing myself to surfers on the North Shore of Hawaii. However, surfing is one of those relaxing things that still gives you that rush of energy, even if it just off the Jersey shore.

10. I cry probably more then a man should. Now I am not saying I am a fountain or that I cry at the drop of a hat, but put me in front of Extreme Home Makeover or a sad sappy movie like Dreamer or Love Actually and I can feel that lump in my throat already. Sheesh and don't ask about the wedding.

11. I read all kinds of different books. My reading list runs from Biographies, to political books to sports books to paranormal romance novels. My current list has The Greatest Story Ever Sold, followed by the second by Colleen Gleason book, followed by a Jodi Picoult with one by Wylie or Tilly mixed in there. Oh and Rick Reilly too. See the reading list is nuts.

12. I am shy in public, at least when it comes to social situations. When I am in a spot that I should not even be uncomfortable in I still feel sweaty palms. When I am meeting some sort of friend for the first time, either a blogger buddy or some of Mrs Ducks friends, I spend the first half hour kind of stammering and stuttering. Not good if you only see folks for 15 minutes.

13. My brain keeps me up at night and its not even scary things that it is thinking about. It just gets on this cycle of trying to not forget something and it just keeps repeating it over and over and over again. Until I wake up and tell my brain to stop it and it actually does. odd eh?

Sheesh, looking at this list, its kind of depressing. I am not that much of a downer, its just that when you have over 700 posts, you already have shared that your are a cookbook junkie, a Ipod freak, a football fan, in love with the best lady in the world and bleed Democratic blue. or I havent and you just found that out too :)

Oh and no tags, it took me way to long to get this one done.

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colleen said...

You sound kindred, like an Irish Catholic to me. When I learned that the word "pagan" simply meant country folk a lot changed for me. Nature is my church. And many of the ways of country people were co-opted by organized religion.

There are so many people to visit on Thursdays. You were right above me.

PS My husband (also Irish Catholic like me) also cries ... usually easier than me.

EC said...

Alright, now this is getting darn scary - the lost brother sister relationship continues!!


#2 - Total addictive personality and yes I smoke too! And I'm a gambler ;) Of course I don't have the common sense to stop sometimes, lol

#4 - 12 Years Catholic church, haven't been back since, AND my twin sister is Wiccan

#6 - I am too, but that sort of applies to everyone, lol

#7 - THE EXACT same reason I don't take pills for what I consider to be depression in myself

#8 - Eggplant purple is what I painted my bedroom when I had my first apartment, I still keep pictures and tried to convince my husband at the time to paint a bedroom that color

#10 - I cry at everything

#12 - I am horribly shy in public!!! To the point that people don't believe me when I say that here, lol.

#13 - I don't repeat things but I literally don't go to sleep until 3am at the earliest because I can't fall asleep until I am so completely dead tired that my brain doesn't have time to think, otherwise, I would be up for hours thinking and thinking and thinking!

Wow - one day we really have to get together and compare our long lost sibling connection, lol

Chelle said...

Maybe the reason why cats love you so much is because you hate mice! :)

Tilly Greene said...

I'm a lister as well...can drive me nuts, and apparently the cutie likes to encourage it when I start talking in my sleep - grrr! And the addictive behavior...oh man, right there beside you darlin'!

Surfing? I just found out a friend has the surf report on his laptop and when a storm is a brewin' and the big waves are coming he heads off...can we say b*stard together?

You are a sweetie for #11 :-)

Starrlight said...

Sparky we are very very much alike. Raised Greek Orthodox, feeling more world view inclined these days, totally addictive personality - which is why I thinky hypnosis worked.

And Cats love me too. In fact I am at work right now with a tiny baby kitty sitting on my lap. She is being adopted today and I am kitty nanny until her new owners get here cause I calm her down =)

Go check out Miss Frou Frou's 13 if you have not already.

Nancy said...

You surf? Way too cool.

My poor kids are going to Catholic school. I think it is some kind of Cosmic joke on me. I am not Catholic and have no need for "religion".

I think you are just a more balanced man in touch w. your feminine side.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

There is no way that bit about hockey can be true. Just no way. I mean, I couldn't like you if it were. And I like you. Therefore, it's not true.

If it is, don't enlighten me. I like being deluded.

Happy TT, Sparky! This is a kick-ass list!

It's Me... Maven said...

I'll be putting my list up shortly! Great list! Trying to get back into the groove of everything since I came back from vacation!

FRIGGA said...

I'm right there with you on many of those! And as for religion, I grew up being taught by the media that Pagans are devil worshipers. Now I'm learning about becoming one - a Pagan that is, not a devil worshiper!

If you have time today-
My TT13 is up, this week it's . :) Happy TT13!

Sorry for the super long comment, but I also posted more pictures if you wanna take a look!

julia said...

Can I make stab in the dark and guess that you don't surf off the Jersey shore?

Anthony said...

I hear ya. Especially 1, 7 and 10. The pills are a problem, mostly because they made me yawn uncontrollably and I only rode 400 miles on my bike the summer I took them. All I wanted to do was lay around. That was more depressing than the disease.

I'm kinda (kinda) looking forward to hockey on the wide screen. I figure, if I can't get interested in it with that, then I guess I'm just not a hockey fan.

Christine said...

Taking a guess the hockey one too is the false fact, or maybe the surfing one.

I love my cats, or any cats. They are so much more independent than dogs with attitudes.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh yes, cats are definitely good luck! I have four and I absolutely adore them and can't imagine life without them. :)

Hmmm, I'm going to guess that the surfing fact is the lie!

Great TT! You have a very nice blog, and thanks for visiting mine. :)

Jennifer Dunne said...

Well, since I don't know you... I'll guess the surfing fact is the lie.

Jenny McB said...

I think the hockey one is the fiction or maybe the piano playing.

Yea, that whole brain thing at night is pain. I have some nature sounds music that I listen to on my ipod to help me.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

you may take like a duck to water but odds are there's no surfboard beneath you. Great post Sparks!

Wylie Kinson said...

Hi Sparky --
It's no wonder you like cats. They KILL mice.
Hubby & I shed a bucket of tears in Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, but he ALWAYS cracks first. It's a point of pride with me :) I love guys who can by sympathetic/empathetic enough to feel deep emotion.

No hockey? I'm with the crowd on that one - BULL!

Thanks for the mention - WOW! Am I really on your TBR pile? I hope you like it! - Or at least get a chuckle.

Lisa Andel said...

Hi Sparky, just wanted to pay my respects over here. Especially since you sent Frigga over to mine.

P.S. I don't always post nekkid men.

lissa said...

Hard to tell which is not true. They all sound like truth to me.

So I'm guessing...#5 - piano lessons or # 7