Thursday, June 28, 2007

50 States 50 Hotties-Virginia

A slight upset today, as my choice may surprise some, especially Mrs Duck, since I usually drool over Sandra Bullock and she did not mkae the cut today.

Sabrina Lloyd was born in Fairfax, Virginia in 1970. She is a television actress who I think I think was on the show Sliders and I can say for sure was on the show Sports Night, since it is one of my favorite favorite shows ever.


Desert Songbird said...

Sports Night was a wonderful, wonderful show. Another Sorkin gem. I loved the interaction between Sabrina Lloyd's character and Josh Malina's character. And Felicity Huffman was marvelous.

I wish someone would broadcast re-runs of this witty show.

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

In my best Silent Bob.... "I got, ....nothing."

Never heard of her and would have to agree with Mrs. Duck on Sandra B. Just the other day Mrs. Tool was watching Hope Floats and I thought to myself that Sandra is a very pretty woman and has a nice figure.

As for Ms. Lloyd, never seen a thing she's been in, but I will comment that there were two or three weeks when our trivia hostess asked a question each week about Sliders and I nearly had a conniption because I had never even heard of the show and so we were at a grave disadvantage to the sci-fi geeks in the room. :)

EC said...

I like her, the kind of girl next door look!!

Haley-O said...

She's perrrty. :)

MissMargo said...

Will they all be brunettes?

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Julia Roberts - redhead
girl from Drive me Crazy - blond
honorable mention Britany Murphy - blond
Parker Posey - black