Friday, March 02, 2007

Triple Tribute

****This is a Birthday Sticky Post, so scroll down to see newer posts for the day***

First, a birthday wish. Today is Wordnerd's birthday. Stop by her place and wish her a happy one, she is 29 once again. She has become a good blogger friend and I hope she has a great day and weekend. Though if you do stop by her place, don't ask her about LSU football, you will never escape.

Wordnerd, here is a little something for you to enjoy.

Also, its Sarge's birthday. Sarge is my BIL and spends his days protecting and serving some of the youngest citizens of the city. His birthday was this week, but I am wishing him a happy one today because we are going out tonight to celebrate it. Sarge gives off this forboding, kinda scary vibe, but if he is your friend, he would do anything for ya. Plus, every year he picks a new sushi place for his celebration and its like the only time I get sushi.

Also, a little thank you to Peg. She ran a contest, since she was able to finally download a musical ringtone to her phone, and to celebrate, her readers had to guess the song. Yours truly came in with a second guess at the last moments and got it right, so I am getting featured there. I am just happy that my musical idiosyncracies work for something.

So In honor of Peg and the Sarge, who both seem to love this song, here is a little Ozzy! (Not the version I wanted to find, but it does the trick)


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! You are absolutely, positively, the COOLEST Democrat I know!!!!

You made my day!!! :)

Peg said...

Hey thanks! My girlie and I were dancing, playing air guitar and banging our heads at 8 am this morning! LOL

Cheers to the Sarge and Happy Birthday to Wordnerd, too!