Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Though, it was more of a verbal kick to the family jewels then a physical kick. And thank goodness for that because it would have really really hurt.

I am not sure whether I overreacted when Mrs Duck said that if any of her other friends buy a house before us, she will have to scream. And that was the kick, because since I have been out of work, I have not been able to provide for her. Well, at least that is how I think it sort of came out. And, I know its an antiquated idea, providing and taking care of your wife. Especially since if things stayed status quo with the last work situation, Mrs Duck would have been bringing home more then me anyways.

Of course, we worked it all out, apologies all around, since I may have griped a bit back with some nasty comments. Strictly as comparison. But, she was right, when we went to bed, I was still annoyed. I am just not sure if I was annoyed at her, or whether I was annoyed at myself for being a bit of a failure so far.


pissed off patricia said...

I am not touching the personal side of this, but remind Ms Duck that home prices are falling and will continue to fall for some time. This isn't yet the best time to purchase a home.

MissMargo said...

You aren't a failure. She wouldn't have married you if she thought that way. Don't let such thoughts creep into your mind and errod your confidence in yourself.

Alicia said...

Oooh, that's tough. I think you are probably overly sensitive about being out of work and interpretted it more harshly than it was meant.
Trust me, it's a blessing that you DON'T own a house right now, being unemployed. Chris lost his job and we were stuck with a huge mortgage payment and it was very uncomfortable for a few months.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'd agree-now is soooo not the time to be buying a home, for both personal and market reasons. Do you really want to lose 20% equity on your home right now?
As for keeping up with the Joneses, I say fuck 'em. Without KY. Hate to sound harsh, but it's better than OK to not have what other people have just for the sake of saving face.
The grass is always greener on the other side and the home-owning friends will inevitably start bitching about how much *WORK* they have to do around the house.
Home-free and happy, :D LJS

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Cover up the family jewels, Ducky. I'm about to kick you again while you're down.

You see, you are NOT a failure. So what if you're unemployed? Clearly, you guys aren't afraid of losing your current house or not being able to pay the subscription to Maxim. You're doing fine.

Being without a job (when you can afford to be) does NOT equal failure. Believe it or not. Even in today's society.

What it means is that you have the luxury to search out new things that'll enrich the life you guys already have. Between my retirement at 29 and the arrival of Spike, I learned this. I had this freedom to explore the city and ferret out the things that were important to us. Where to go bike riding. Our leather-maker. New restaurants.

Our friends envied us because there was something new always happening with us. We had lots of adventures, and we had lots of fun.

Now that we have kids (and they don't require so much care), the things I explore for us have changed, sure. Fewer fancy restaurants and more kid-friendly menus. You get the idea.

I guess it's that failure thing that's got me going. You're not a failure. Not at all.

As for a bigger house, well, that just means more to clean, right? I keep saying that whenever I think of moving, and then I back off. I don't want that. Don't let Mrs. Duck get caught up with the Joneses. Be proud you're the Ducks.

Anthony said...

Remember what Fred told Barney: "Think big and be big". That was right before Barney repossesed Fred's TV.

Seriously, don't let the negative thoughts creep in. You'll be doomed. Lately, there have been a lot of programs on the power of positive thinking, as if it's making a comeback or something. I think there's something to it.

Annie said...

NO WAY ARE YOU A FAILURE! How long have I known you? I can tell you, you are so not a failure. Remember the story of the balls: work is a rubber ball. It will eventually bounce back. The important balls, like family, friends, health, and your happiness, are a lot more important; they're the ones made of glass, and when shattered, are a lot harder to put back together. A house does not define you; no matter where you guys live, THAT'S home. Where your love is, that's home.
Yeah, women tend to get like that once in a while. I do, and I'm still single, living at home. I just collect my log home magazines and keep up the dream, but I know that it'll happen only when it's supposed to happen (same with the single bit; it'll happen when it's supposed to, though I still bitch and moan about it :) ). But don't let it get you ticked at yourself. If you're able to take the time off to find something you're really passionate about before making a commitment, then you're super fortunate. It's probably a blessing in disguise (as most blessings usually are). You're NOT a failure, okay? You've got so much to be proud of, and Mrs. D. loves you. Remember: she's your home :)

Tug said...

Hang in there, don't forget to breathe...and all the rest that's been said above. You are NOT a failure, & this, too, shall pass. You & Mrs. Duck will be just fine - hugs to you both!

(The Jones' will be filing bankruptcy or divorcing & selling the house soon, so just hang in there)

Momish said...

Hang in there, things will turn around. And if you get a tad too sensative once in a while, that is completely understandable. It hardest on you, so you deserve a break now and then too. And I will say it too in hopes that it get through: you are not failure!

Twyla said...

You are too hard on yourself. You're almost as bad as me. And, you are NOT a failure. Get that crap out of your head.

Christie said...

you're not a failure. it's for better or for worse, and you're in it together! this will pass. it really will. seriously. now make yourself a beer margarita and trudge on!

crowwoman / rhian said...

i got no sage advice sweetums, but what i do have to help give you comfort is a.... limited edition poster with Tiger on one side and Phil on the other that the Augusta Chronicle is printing only a few of. They showed it to me in a preMasters meeting this morning and i said (batting my eyelashes), "You know, I have these two friends, one in Philly and one down under that i promised uber cool Masters stuff to..." and because i promised them free use of photos, they're getting me one for you and one for Scorp. Heh. Even a sports-moron like me thought it was something special. Really big ass with newspaper headlines from when they won their greenjackets.

So...feel better. And accept that the woman is ALWAYS right.