Monday, March 05, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth-3 Quacks

A few weeks back, we TiVo'd an Inconvenient Truth, actually just before the Academy Awards, to see if it really was that good. And actually, it was.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I voted for Al Gore. I helped campaign a little for Al Gore back in 2000. I read his book, the Prince of Tennessee. So I am an Al Gore fan. There were parts of the movie that I did find boring, when discussing some of his upbringing and his early political career, but that was because it was all information that I knew very well already. But if you dont know Mr Gore, these segments helped to show that he is not a Johnny Come Lately on the subject of Global Warming and the environment.

The actual discussion of Global Warming was laid out in a way that was very easy to understand. CO2 in the air is keeping more of the suns rays in the atmosphere, causing the earth to stay warmer. There were also some points that truly caused fear, especially the sights of the floods if some of the ice caps at either Pole melted.

But, the best information I got was how the Baby Boomer generation is the genertion that might be most to blame. They are excessive and also opposed to change. And taking a quick little survey of my neighborhood and there parked cars, except for 2 work cars that are probably purchased by the companies that my neighbors work for, most of the American made cars parked around here are foreign cars, which give better gas mileage and are more reliable. No one can dispute that a Toyota or a Honda is better then a Pontiac.

It all comes down to making changes in your own life and also not allowing big business to block things, because overall the United States is one of the worst offenders when it comes to waste and not doing things green. And the movie made all of this perfectly clear. Its a must watch for anyone who is interested in why the weather might be screwy and how we may be able to change it.

On a side note, while I can not say whether the Melissa Etheridge penned theme song was worthy of an Oscar, it did remind me of some older Melissa Etheridge tracks and I promptly downloaded it to the Ipod, just because it was an enjoyable song.


Anthony said...

Even though I drive an American car (a Focus) it is a PZEV - Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle - so I figure I'm doing about the best I can on my car budget.

I was afraid to watch it, figuring it would depress me. I'll have to add it to the Netflix queue.

Julie Pippert said...

My parents were raised under the lingering influence of the Great Depression. I recall my dad mocking things his mother did, and I recall wondering why since it seemed to make sense and she lived a perfectly comfortable life.

I think some of the Boomers are living a reactive, instead of proactive, life.

And judging by the books selling like hotcakes, I think quite a few of them are regretting a lot of it, if not sure what or why.

For example, the BMW issue. I chose a good mileage, low maintenance, high resell Japanese car for my first car instead, whereas my dad had been pushing for the BMW, which cost more and brought less, IMO. "But it's a BMW," my father cried, as if that should make everything perfectly clear.

I think it was that moment that he finally realized I was not a Conservative White Male Republican.

It only took 20 years. ;)

Haley-O said...

Thanks for the review, Sparky! I've been wondering about this movie. I just don't feel like getting depressed. And, I know this movie will do that to me.... But, I'm very environmentally conscious.... Anyway, Dreamgirls should have totally won that song category....Oh well....

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I've written a song about Global Warming and if I can ever get my lazy a$$ to memorize it then I will record it and post it on my blog.

I've yet to see the movie but want to.

I was kinda bummed that Melissa's song beat out the DreamGirls songs. Not that it's bad, I just thought the others were better.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

It's not just about cars, although they do make up a large portion of the pollution due to sheer volume. Going car-free or car lite is a great idea, and it may be an easier option for most of us than we think. There's lots of car-share and blogs out there to help out anyone who wants to give it a go. Good luck!
(This link is to a family who gave up their car for a year)

nancy said...

I have not seen this yet, but it is on the list. I love this song by Melissa and it is also on my ipod.