Monday, February 19, 2007

Wordnerd Challenge

Way Way way way way way way back, I tagged the brilliant Wordnerd for a meme of 6 odd things about her. I cant even remember when I did the post, but she did finally do it and it was eye opening as always. Now, as revenge, she informed me that I needed to the quiz again, except with a twist. So, as per the Crazy Cajuns request...

6 things that you dont know about me that makes me a conservative.

1.I was thrilled when Reagan beat Carter. Ok, I was 7 years old, I was a Cowboys fan and a Yankee fan. So I was a front running kid. When you are a kid, you want to root for a winner.

2. I went to an all boys Catholic High School in one of the richest counties in New Jersey. If those 4 years did not rub off on me and stick with me a little bit, then I must have totally lost those 4 years of my life.

3. I believe in the death penalty, especially when it comes to someone who kills a police officer. Now adays, science is so good that its going to be a lot harder to execute someone who is innocent. I also have alot of family and friends who are in law enforcement, so this is a no brainer.

4. I was in banking for alot of my career (hated it by the way) but my job was alot easier when the market was doing well. The market usually does well when the Republicans were in charge in some capacity, either in Congress or the Oval Office. I liked it when my job was a wee bit easier.

5. I like to wear ties? Well, I do, not sure if thats Conservative or not

6. I believe it should be illegal for a man to marry a goat. Now I am all for a man being able to wed another man and a woman to be able to marry a woman, but I draw the line at goat love!

OK, not the easiest list for me to whip up, as you can plainly see from the Tie entry, but I did do my best. I dont think it was that bad for someone that came from a family of teachers, auto workers, and other union type jobs. Plus, I went to a liberal college and think Bill Clinton was the best President ever. Thats gotta show improvement.

Now, for you dear readers, if you wish to take up the challenge, consider yourself tagged. Give me 5 or 6 things that someone could see as opposite of your political or spiritual leanings.

On a lighter note, if you do ever wander over to Wordnerd, look out for the Puff the Magic Dragon post, its priceless.



Anonymous said...

See how easy that was? I'm so proud...brought a tear to my eye, actually. Thanks for being a good sport.

But you know, I really am all about the goat love.

Tug said...

Oh had me at the goat love, & totally LOST me at Clinton. I'm going to scrub my brain with bleach now.

liv said...

Wow. It was so convincing for a moment that I almost thought better of reading further for all of that right wing drivel!

Jay said...

Don't be down on the goats, my man.

Love #5.

Colleen Gleason said...

See...I knew there was a reason I liked you. An all boys Catholic school, huh?

Me, I went to the girls' version, complete with knee-highs, plaid skirts, vests, and senile nuns.