Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Along Comes Milton

There are days I stare at this screen, with really nothing to write. That white sheet of paper and the blinking cursor just seems to remind me that I am a tad dull.

But, then there is the appearance of Milton Street. Mayor John Street's brother is nuts. He is like that crazy uncle in your family, who will regale you with stories of his battles against the Nazi's in World War II, even though he was born in 1962. We all know these people, and we usually just listen, smile and avoid dealing with that Uncle until the next time we have to see him.

Milton, is Philadelphia's crazy uncle. He claims to be running for Mayor, even though there are still questions about whether he is even a resident of Philadelphia. And then there is the small legal trouble following him, called a federal indictment for taking bribes. And yesterday, Milton was arrested in Moorestown, NJ for unpaid parking tickets. Being the brillant politician he is, Milton took the arrest as a chance to reinforce the fact that he will be running for mayor and that he is the only one who knows how to empower the public because he knows how it feels to be persecuted by the law. Brillant!!

Please dont go away Milton, you are blogging gold. Just please dont win for Mayor either, Philadelphia would never survive.


amy said...

I dont think me or hubby (www.valtool.blogspot.com) ever told you but my brother is from Philly. Hes a international dj and loves it up there. Thanks for participating in my poll. We enjoy reading your blog

Anthony said...

Milton running for mayor may be Philadelphia's only chance to have a Republican elected mayor.

I still remember when him and his brother John were raising Hell in City Council - screaming and fighting. Whatever happened to John?

Oh yeah ... twice.

Can't blame me. I live in Jersey. Just like Milton.

Tug said...

But does he have his own brand of beer?

Jay said...

Every city needs a "personality."

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Nice new blog look. I like it. I like the wide blog looks!