Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sometimes you really can't keep up

There are some days when you see something and you want to blog about it, get your opinions out. And then there are days when there are so many things, you can not possibly write about everything you want to write about. Today was one of those days.

First, there was this. If I had the connections that Andy Reid had, I would not be running drugs. I would be figuring out a way to use my dad to get into coaching.

Oh Oh and then this was reported. Yes folks thats one hundred and seven million dollars a day. With the warm weather in December, which means they were not selling heating oil, what a joke.

Hey then the world said the United States was fat. Um, possibly not eating dessert could be a good idea.

Finally, on a lighter note, Miss USA continued her embarassment. Lets continue ro be sure to blame everyone else for our problems.

So, in the end, my head hurts from trying to keep up


Anthony said...

The Reid kids' story is both interesting and sad. The heroin part is bad enough, but why would you want to drive? Shoot your guns and heroin at home, and don't bother anybody. When regular people start getting involved, I take issue.

Momish said...

Yeah, that is a sad story about AR's kids. When a kids have everything and throw it away. Stories like that just confirm my belief that spoiled kids end up screwed up. They aren't the "lucky ones" in the end.

Tug said...

Yeah, I agree with what they said. And as for Miss America? hmmm...who can I blame for stuff?

Anthony said...

So ... c'mon. I went public with my Super Bowl prediction ... the epic blow-out.

Got one?

Christie said...

Isn't it Miss USA's job to pick some platform and go do some good in the world? Can she stop talking about herself for just a second and get moving on the only job she has while she's Miss USA? I'm really sick of seeing her big face everywhere doing the "woe is me."