Saturday, February 03, 2007

Its like Turkey on Thanksgiving

And the it I mean of course is a Super Bowl prediction, because everyone seems to have at least a little bit of an inkling.

So, here is the Ducks take on tommorrows national holiday. Peyton and his Wide Receivers are very very good. Much better then the offense of Chicago, especially since I really think the running backs for the Bears and the ones for the Colts are equal.

Rex Grossman sucks. Pardon my french, but he really really does. Can you tell I really dislike him as a player? And he is gonna be tight, not the best thing for an offense that has to be varied. The Bears will never be confused for the Warren Moon led Run N Shoot.

So, the prediction itself. You will have to stay up until at least the 3rd Quarter. It will still be a game at the half. And while I would love to see a score of 31 to 12, for enterntainment purposes only of course, I have had 35 to 17 rattling around my brain for a few days now, and that is the score I am going to predict.

Though, the over/under that I heard that was more interesting was one I heard on Pardon the Interruption. Over or under 2 inappropriate gestures by Prince during his halftime performance. I would take the over on that one by the way.

There ya go Anthony


Anthony said...

I see we're on the same track, here. I'll be watching the game at the local pub, where the bartender is a Bears fan. I don't know why.
So, if the blow-out comes to fruition, it will be hard for me to keep from saying "I told ya..." lest he whiz in my $2 beer.

I'd like to see a nice competition, but I'm thinking I'll be resting toward the end of the 4th quarter.

The Freelance Cynic said...

I been to America once and seen two high school level football games while i was there.

For me, without a doubt, the best part was singing along with the band.

Anything that was happening on the field was just confusing! But you seem to know your stuff.

Go isotopes!

Tug said...

I'm still here for da Bears!!

Christie said...

wow! you were pretty close!! i wanted the colts to win, only because of tony dungy and his former buc-ness. rex sucked!!!! LOL!

liv said...

made the jump from mrs. chicky---i blush even when speaking of brazilians. so, it's post game, but I have to say that this is the first year in seven that I have been wrong. honestly thought that da bears would be hungry enough to dig deep and win. (not that I care about football, it's just about being right) that said, here's peyton with the cup. sometimes the cute guy does win. phew! that's your stream of consciousness comment for the hour.

Jay said...

Well, you weren't wrong.

But unfortunately, you did not offer any advice on how to shut up your muslim neighbours who packed 86 of their closest and loudest friends around their telly to watch the football.

Nancy said...

My fave part was Prince.

Looks like your score was close if you like the Colts. But, I can't tell cause I don;t know who the players are.....