Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Of Mice and Cheney

I was hunkered down yesterday, submitting resumes and also catching up on the TiVo backlog (Gotta catch up on OLTL), so I totally missed out on any of the news from yesterday. Until I talked with Mrs Duck later on, I was unaware that the stock market tanked and that Cheney had been a "target". Well, a target in a grand target sense.

Now, I am not one of Cheney's biggest fans, that is for sure. But he is someones husband, father and grandfather, so my human being side came out and was thankful nothing serious happened to him. Of course, the same can not be said for the soldier and other people milling around outside the air base who did not fair as well. So, here is my question. WHAT WAS HE DOING THERE??

I think of it this way. We have a colony of mice living outside our front door, ok maybe colony is strong. But they live under the front step. They stay away from me and I leave them alone. Now, the mice dont come running into our front door, probably because of the cats, not because they are a afraid of me, since I am more afraid of them.

How does this relate to Big Time? Well, the mice are smarter then him, they know exactly where they should go and should not go. I am the goverment of Afgahnistan and I guess the cats are the suicide bombers. But guess what, still havent seen a mouse. So, if you want to bolster the troops, or yell at some generals, send an email, do some video conferencing!!

On a side note, Mrs Duck is much more intune with all things financial then I am. Her words of wisdom when she heard about the market? "Gee, I wonder what Haliburton is trading at right now."


Jay said...

That is some impressive analogy, mister.

Anthony said...

Looks like HAL lost about a buck a share on Tuesday. That amounts to about 3% of its share price. Since 2000, the stock looks to be up "only" about 12 to 15%.

Anyway, nice analogy. I gues they go over there in some convoluted-logic way of thinking that it shows support or something. I say, give Dick a weapon. It would be nice if Dick would take a shot at one of the mice and accidentally hit Osama bin Laden.

I guess they'd have to find him first.