Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Alphabet Meme, D as in Deion

My blogger buddy, Zeus, was giving out letters the other day for a Alphabet meme, since his owner decided to co-opt the meme itself and not take the challenge of listing 10 things that the Human Pet likes about Z. I would have liked to see that. However and luckily for me, Zeus gave me the letter D. And I will take that and run with it. If you want to play, drop me a comment and list 10 things starting with the first letter in the last name on your account (get it D is for Duck).

1. Coincidentally, I actually am going to start off with Ducks. Not only is it my name sake, but I think they are very cute and spend hours just staring at them in zoos or parks. They often have to call the police on me because I am thought of as a stalker. Oh, and the team I live and die with? the Oregon Ducks.

2.Delaware. I know, I know, how could someone think Delaware is cool? Well, I am a proud graduate of the University of Delaware and the good thing about the state is you can see all the top sites in a weekend and cross it off your list.

The In N Out Double Double Burger. There are a few things I miss about my parents moving from Arizona. Swimming in March, T Shirts in December, the views, and the stop after the airport at In N Out Burger. If you have never tried it, find your way to Las Vegas or California sometime and scarf down two for me.

4.Dave's-There's David Letterman, David Gregory of NBC News, Davis Love III, Famous Dave's Ribs and the Dave that broke up my marriage, causing happiness now with Mrs Duck.

5.Drinking, -well yes, everyone needs to drink, water, coffee, soda, juice, something. But I mean one of my favorite things is Drinking, preferably Dirty Martinis with olives.

6.The Dixie Chicks-Besides the fact that they are tough and didnt take any crap from the critics because they expressed an opinion, if you dont get choked up a little listening to the song Traveling Soldier, you may need to get something checked out.

7.Diners-I know, its probably a Jersey thing, but they are the only place I know of that you can ask for French Fries with brown gravy and not get looked at like you have three heads.

8.Elisha Dushku-I know she was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but she was hot enough for me in Bring it one for me to add her to this list.

9.Dollars- well a whole bunch of them strapped together and given to me to keep.

10.Dancing-Though really, I think I do my best dancing in the privacy of my own home, shaking my booty in the kitchen, rather then in public. Its amazing how, if its your own wedding, how much bad dancing you can get away with.

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Nichole M said...

While living in the northeast, I really did develop an appreciation for the diner. The 24 hour diner was the best. Once we ordered curly fries, a short stack and some egg rolls. At the *same* table. Awesome. But I guess diners and In N Out can't exist simultaneously. Glad to be back in CA for that, but I miss the diners....

Tug said...

JUST as I was about to say I don't like you right now, you give me a shout out. **hanging head in shame** Thanks!

The reason for the non-like? IN-N-OUT DOUBLE DOUBLES...I would sell my SOUL for one right now. Seriously, I'm salivating. I always bring 3 back from AZ when I visit, & have OVERNIGHTED them to my daughter before! LOVE.THEM.

Nice list, this was fun!!

Christie said...

you are so right about diners!!!!

local girl said...

Yup, In N Out is always a must for me when I'm in LA.