Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wolverine fans, Philadelphia Eagle Fans feel your pain

So, I was sitting down, well actually culling through some of my emails and a light bulb went off. The Michigan Wolverines, and there faithful of the University of Michigan, and Philadelphia Eagle fans have a lot in common actually.

What? Sparky? have you lost your mind? there are so many more Eagles fans that have sufffered as opposed to Wolverine fans...

Well, Imaginary voice in my head, which I really need to get checked out by the way, I beg to differ. The Big House holds over 100,000 people. Now, many of those people are season ticket holders and students, so, lets just say there are about a half a million Wolverine fans. The Linc only holds about 60,000 or so, and I am being generous, so I would say the Wolverines are pretty close in number arent they?

Well, Sparky, yes I agree they have the numbers, but, please, its college football, Michigan fills there schedule with the University of the School of the blind, not like the Eagles, they have the Texans as a cupcake!

Ok, yes I agree, invisible chorus, that yes, the Eagles play many more teams that are tougher, but, look at the schedule, Michigan has one or two games that make or break there season, as opposed to the Eagles, they can lose 8 and still have a chance at the Super Bowl, look at the Giants of this year.

Puhleassse, Sparky, explain this nonsense

Ok, no need to get huffy! Look at it this way, your an Eagle fan, you play a whole schedule, go 10-0 and you have to play Dallas to get into the playoffs. And the playoffs are much smaller, there are no second chances. Now lets say, the Cowboys beat you 5 years in a row, keeping you from the Super Bowl, and then you have to play a consolation game against the Denver Broncos. And every year, the Denver Broncos beat you in front of a national audience, like clockwork, like the sun coming up every morning. Wouldnt you think your suffering some?

Ok, so Michigan can't beat Ohio State, we know that already, but, look, they won a Championship in 1998, thats something, The Eagles havent sniffed a title since the 60's.

Yes, but, in 1998 they shared the title. So it was like a tie, which is like kissing your sister. And how much does one really love kissing there sister?

oh touche

Plus, cmon, we need to have a little sympathy for them, all people in Michigan have to watch on Sundays is the Lions. And god, unless your are a fantasy geek or Matt Millen's mother, your not watching the Lions every week.

Ok, you sold us Sparky, we share the Philly love with our brothers and sister who are alumni and fans of the University of Michigan.

I knew I would win! So, all you fans out there, especially my favorite Pirate, and my favorite new author, lets just try and bask in the glory of old victories and forget about the recent history. It makes life so much better, well that and bourbon.

Colleen, Lady Jane, lets forget this

And bask in the glory of this


Colleen Gleason said...

Hear hear!!!!! Yes, the golden memories will outweigh those horrible blips on our screens of life.

Great post, Sparky! Thanks for coming by my blog (even though I moved!)

lady jane scarlett said...

OHHHHH YES!!! We have suffered so much, but the great moments of the 1997 (we sucked in '98) championship season and this season will keep us going.
Thanks for the Wolverine lurve! year...we will kick Buckeye Butt!