Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

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Thirteen Reasons why Philadelphia is Great

or at least a great place to live in and around. And I will try and stay away from the cliches, so no mention of Rocky, Cheesesteaks or soft pretzels.

1.Center City is walkable: Its small, so you can go from the Art Museum down to Old City and see lots of things along the way, and not be totally exhausted. New York is just too big to enjoy.

2.Tastykakes: They were invented here, they are still baked here and if you need an early Valentines Day gift, they can be shipped from here.

3.The fans really love there sport teams: We are so starved for a winner, that we attach ourselves to any team that could win and just love the hell out of them.

4.Its a Blue City: Pennsylvania has been swinging Democratic in the last few elections, but Philadelphia has been liberal and democratic for a long time. How many places do you know where 5000 to 10000 people will show up to see that hack John Kerry just because he was appearing with Bill Clinton?

5.Mayor Street can't get elected again: Though honestly, I still do not know how he has been elected as Mayor not once, but twice.

6.Commuting: The regional rails, for all there troubles, run from all of the outlying neighborhoods, including parts of New Jersey. So, anyone that can buy a train ticket can work in the city, enjoy the plays and eat in the Restaurants.

7.The way its setup makes it easy to get in and out of town itself: I can meet Mrs Duck for Happy Hour, and still be home in under an hour because there are 3 different ways out of the city to make your way north. Just dont try and do it between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.

8.The Girls are hot:

9.All the History: for History fans, or majors like me, this place is sick with Historical things. The Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution all have representation and Museums dedicated to there foundation and story. And those are the things everyone has heard of.

10.Grace Kelly is a favorite daughter. She is not only beautiful still, but she never forgot about her home. Her famous wedding dress hangs in the Art Museum in Center City.

11.The Penn Relays: One of the largest track meets in the country, as well as one of the oldest. Its been running since about 1895 and draws in world class athletes of now, as well as many future greats from some of the top high school programs in the United States, Carribean and Canada.

12.Its not overwhelming: I have been in Manhattan and if you get turned around, you just feel like your lost. In Philadelphia, its compact and small enough, at least the downtown region, that you never feel overly lost or over your head. And this holds true even drunk.

13.The Roast Pork Sandwich from Tony Luke's: You can keep your greasy cheesesteak, especially if you slop cheese whiz on it. A Roast Pork sandwich with Broccoli Rabe is heaven on a long roll.

So, tell me why your place is great? Maybe I will visit, though soon, there will be the cruddy things about Philadelphia, so don't book your reservations yet.

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Tink said...

Interesting list, I'd love to visit Philadelphia! One day I will, but I have to save some more first. ;-)
My TT is about the year 2007.

Chickadee said...

It's good to live in a city where everything downtown is within walking distance and public transportation is possible (even if it is a pain in the you-know-what)

And Tasty Kakes? Hmm, those look pretty good!

My 13 are up.

Jane said...

I went to Trenton State and my brother lived in a trendy little neighboorhood in Philly. It is a great city. Cheese steak- nuff said! But there is so much more too! For example I think they have the most colleges after Boston, so that makes it a smart city too!

AnnaMary said...

Damn it, I pressed enter on the widget before I added my link.

I love Philly too. I'm sorry to say though, DC is still cooler. I'm a big fan of all the fun things within walking distance too.

Christie said...

wow! great list! i've only been there once, but it has that feel of great character and history that cities like boston and new york city and chicago have. my city (tampa) has lovely beaches and outdoor restaurants and weather but it lacks that character i long for! happy tt!

lady jane scarlett said...

You forgot Gino's cheese steaks and that funky breakfast "meat"...scrapple i think is its name. A very nice list!

buttercup said...

Philly sounds pretty cool. What does Mrs. Duck think about number 8? :)

"Snow on the roof"? Sparky, you have me stumped! Please email me and enlighten me.

Raggedy said...

Awesome list!
I have not been East in about 5 years. My Dad's office is in Center City. You captured it well. I could use one of those horse carriage rides if they still do that.
Do you spend any time on South Street?
Send me a Philly Cheesesteak, a stret vendor soft pretzel,some Krimpets, and some Maryland crab cakes please?
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted

Raggedy said...

tosses an e
add it to stret for street..haha

Carmen said...

I've been to philly. My experience was that it was NOT the city of brotherly love. :) (we nearly got run over about 6 times trying to get out of the Philly's stadium after a baseball game) but the cheesesteaks were good.

tiggerprr said...

Despite all the other excellent reasons to go visit your city...One stood out to me after I clicked their website: #13. yummy and reasonable too!

Darla said...

I need to do a TT about where I live, too. Sometime before I move. :)

I've been through Philadelphia once. Didn't see much. I'd like to go back.

N. Mallory said...

I'd love to visit Philadelphia. I had no idea Grace Kelly's dress was on display there though. I'll have to put that on my list of things to see when I go. She was so lovely and elegant.

local girl said...

I city you can't get lost in even when innebriated? I'm so there!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

MMMMMM....Tastycakes. I love Tastycakes. Sounds like a great city. I've driven through it, but have never been there. Thanks for visiting and happy TT!

Missy said...

As a small town girl who lived in Philly for a while I can totally agree with you about it not being overwhelming. It's still huge compared to what I was used to but I had no trouble finding my way around and becoming comfortable.

rashbre said...

I'm a Brit, but have two friends who live in Philadelphia and keep telling me to visit. Now I've also read your list so I guess I'm going to have to do it!


alyndabear said...

I might post a "Reasons why NZ is great to visit" for my TT in a couple of weeks. Philly sounds great! I love small-ish towns.

Momish said...

I love this town too! Great list!

Rene said...

I've only been to Philly once. I loved the museums. I had my first Rolling Rock there. I almost smacked a Quaker (he was rude). So much public art! I loved the fact that the office buildings all had displays of art

Mom's Secret Life said...

I'd like to visit Philadelphia sometime just for the history...I'm a Revolutionary War buff. For me, Philadelphia will always be where thirtysomething was set. How I miss that show!

#3 hits home here. The Reds & the Bengals stink but boy do we love 'em! We've also got a bunch going on along the river (on both sides of the Ohio) as well as our "official" dishes of Skyline chili and goetta. Enjoy!

Amy said...

sorry it took so long to visit! grey's i believe is going to be off a total of 5 weeks but it should be back on next week! sorry for the confusion! ugly betty was new last night and so was csi: happy thursday!

Pen said...

Great list! Wish I could think of 13 great reasons for living in the Milwaukee!

Thank you for visiting my TT.