Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Union is Drunk

well, maybe at least. Though when the National Constitution Center put up there State of The Union bingo cards, I dont think they had drinking games in mind. But of course, if your resourceful, you can look at page 5 and figure out how the cards will work for you and your watching needs tonight. If I was participating, which unfortunately I cant because of my lingering illness and not wishing a relapse, I would have sipped everytime something was marked off on the card, done a shot for an action (which would have been standing ovation,, Vice President Stands Up, or we see Mrs Bush) and chugged a beverage once a line down or across was complete. But thats just me and sometimes I still think I am in college.

Want some interaction with your drinking game/State of The Union address? Well, This Old Broad (whose darn funny, by the way) & Pedro at Rancho La Luna will be Live/Drunk Blogging starting at 6:30 CST, which will be 7:30 for me. Now, thats dinner time, so I wont be there until after 8 locally, but you know Im gonna try and be there. You should too, just for the laugh of it.


Neila said...

The State of the Union drinking game? That is awesome!! Maybe I will do shots of bourbon and apple cider vinegar! ;-)

Fernando said...

Thanks for coming by.

Motas said...
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