Friday, January 12, 2007

Project 365-#1 Jumping on the bandwagon

Well, this shall be interesting no doubt, but Project 365 is an effort to take at least one picture a day everyday and then post it to a blog for all the world to see (or flickr group, or message board or something)

Anyway, I am starting this a tad bit late, but I also realized earlier that I actually started Yesterday and just didnt realize it. So, heres my first shot.

catsdogs 015

Its a cute little cat rain gauge that we got at Longwood Gardens over the summer. It was cool too, because we could come outside and say, holy cow it rained 2 inches last night. Darn thing froze though and seemed to have shattered. Any ideas on how to fix it would be AWESOME.


Christine said...

Nice to see you've joined, and it's never too late.
Very cute garden statue.

If it's OK, can I add you to my Project 365 Blogroll.
You can view mine here

Ellen said...

awwww - that's cute.

local girl said...

That is a cute rain gauge! No idea how to fix it!

tiggerprr said...

Cute cute cute! bout some "duck" tape? :)