Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get out the Vote for the Goat

Well, at least those of us in the Philadelphia area, may already be sick of political commercials, since Tom Knox started his mayoral media blitz on like November 15th, but this is not an attempt to get you intrigued about the upcoming mayor's race. Oh wait, say a yippee for Mayor Street leaving, I'll wait...

thanks I heard that from here.

But, I am attempting to get you to vote for something that really matters. The 2007 Weblogs Awards! Who doesnt love a popularity contest? Millions of us watch American Idol, thousands have rememberances of High School and the battle for homecoming queen. So, its natural that we go out and continue these traditions in the blogosphere. I put in some nominations and while many of them were probably met by the Bloggies selection committee like a Bush economic plan, some of the blogs I was pulling for came through. So, in best sports blog, I am putting my Sparky weight behind Deadspin or Kissing Suzy Kolber, though they are big blogs, they wont need my help.

Bur, where the Duck is calling out some favors is in the Best Canadian Award category. One of the Duck House bloggie "friends" and also a really great read every time she posts is Jay over at Kill the Goat. And shes up for Best Canadian Blog. She's just a little fish in the big pond of the Internet, so if you dont have a care in the world about who wins, give a Vote to the Goat.

Vote here, you have until February 2, tick tick tick. Thank you and good night.


Kukka-Maria said...

I wish I could read those Canadian blogs...I just don't understand Canadian English!

Yah hey dare...or something like that. I don't know what I just said! ;)

I'll check Goat out. It's important for me to broaden my horizons and begin to understand my neighbors to the north!

Jay said...

You are such a sweetheart!

Although, I must say, I am quite foreign to the popularity contest. I have never seen a single episode of American Idol, nor of Canadian Idol even though my friend Christine was apparently featured as one of the "really crap singers". Nor am I familiar with the concept of homecoming - I have a hazy understanding of it due to watching American movies, but it seems to be tied in with football, and my high school had no football team, or any team, because we didn't have the numbers to put forth a single string (have I mentioned that I literally went to school in a cornfield).

Anyway, thanks for rockin the vote.