Friday, January 19, 2007


Yick, Last night I woke up with my T-shirt clinging to me like a needy ex girlfriend. I believe that means the fever may have finally broken last night since I no longer feel that need to curl up on the floor and pass out. I went to the doctors yesterday, yes finally, and she prescribed me with something for a sinus infection. I should not be surprised since I think 3 readers said sinus infection and Mrs Duck has been saying Sinus Infection for the past 3 weeks. So I was prescribed with Cefuroxime, though I didnt think it treated sinus infections. I do know it makes my stomach feel queasy, so yippy, one pain to another.

Yes, I wont overdue it, but it feels pretty good to be close to human again.


Twyla said...

Awww...sinus infections are the worst! I had one last summer for at least 3 weeks and it spread to my upper jaw. Hopefully this medicine works for you. Feel better soon. :-)

Wordnerd said...

Here's hoping yours is on the way out -- I think I'm getting my third one (or did I ever get rid of the first ones?), and it's miserable.

Get well!

Anthony said...

If you want your stomach to be queasy, you could go back and watch last week's Eagles game.

Save ya a trip to the pharmacy.

tiggerprr said...

Glad you went to the Dr! :) I was going to say something else a bit mother/ I'll leave that to your wife! LOL