Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Things about Sparky's Fridge

Its been a long week here, so hopefully you will all excuse my lack of imagination. But I knew I could find 13 things that might be a little different that are in our fridge. We all know we have butter, milk, eggs and leftovers tucked in every corner of the thing, but I wonder what else we will find.

1…. Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste-I love Thai food and indian food, so this naturally fits in my fridge. We dont go through it too much though since a little goes a long way.

2. Twinnings Wild Blueberry Martini Mix-Not only does this stuff go great with vodka, its also nice and smooth with Bourbon, though you do use less then you would for a Martini.

3.Haddon House Liquid Smoke--I dont have any idea how long I have had this stuff, but I do know when I dont use it in a recipe that calls for it, the lack of it makes a difference.

4. Coffeemate Eggnog Flavor Creamer-We look forward to the holidays, because this stuff comes out and it does make you feel a little festive in the morning.

5. Jones Soda Pink Berry Soda--Mrs Duck will tell you I love love love Jones Soda. This stuff is Raspberry and Cream flavored, though honestly part of the reason I bought it is for the color. It was pink and created for Breast Cancer month in November. Yummy.

6. Three different cans of cat food-Kittie is sick, but she still is able to get up and demand her variety of foods. One day she will love the liver and chicken, the next its trash. So we have a few rotating flavors between Science Diet and Merrick. (BTW-I, the owner, love Merrick, very natural ingredients)

7. World of Flavor Maui Mountain Teriyaki Sauce-If your recipe ever calls for gyoza sauce or something asian thats not teriyaki sauce or soy sauce, use this. Nice different flavor.

8. Powerade Jagged Ice Flavor-This has become my favorite flavor of the Sports Drinks. Its not really grape and its not really berry, its sort of in between. Just be careful what you are wearing if you drink straight from the bottle, since it does not go well with white.

9. Turkey Hill Egg Nog-The Kitties special treat. She still is able to raise her head and smell around like a wildcat when this stuff is presented to her in a saucer. And we love it with a shot of bourbon, so everyone's happy.

10. Turkey Hill Green Mango Tea-Its better then just the regular green tea, though I cant really put a finger on it. Though I do think they found the closest to real mango flavor.

11. Berkeley & Jensen Minced Garlic-- A nice big jar. Not only does it save me a step when it comes to cooking, since mincing garlic can be dangerous on the fingers, but its not something I have to get at the store everytime I go, since most of my recipes call for it.

12. Acme Brand Bread and Butter Pickle Chips- This was my "im intune with my wife moment" I never knew that these were her favorite pickles, though I knew she loved them. It was the sweetest OHHHHH when I pulled out that jar for our burgers.

13. Deans Guacamole Dip--Not as good as real homemade guacamole, but a heck of alot easier!

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Butterfly Kisses said...

I love Jones Soda. But they don't sell my favorite flavors out least that I have found.

amy said...

you have a cool fridge with cool stuff in it

DK said...

Wow, you have the most interesting fridge in all of TT Land! I'm afraid the most exotic thing in my fridge at the moment is a half a bottle of plum wine that I believe is left over from last Christmas! Note to self: Must Clean Out Fridge! Thanks for stopping by my blog - drop by any time you're in the neighborhood! Happy TT,

Carmen said...

that pink soda sounds good!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. The only thing I've ever used liquid smoke for was making beef jerky. Now you've got me curious.

Anonymous said...

Thai curry paste is the best! I love mixing that with coconut milk and rice. Yummy! Thanks for stopping by my site.

Nancy said...

That blueberry mix sounds yummy.

I don;t think I have ever had Jones soda.

I am so sorry about Princess. Sending good energy your way.

Kukka-Maria said...

I wish I had that much in my fridge! Cat treats, Crystal Light, Water, cheese sticks, cottage cheese and eggs. That's about all.

I need to learn to cook. What are these "recipes" of which you speak? :)

Anonymous said...

What a clean fridge! I'd be embarrassed to post a picture of mine.
:-) Definitely some interesting contents in there.

Anonymous said...

Cool list. I'm off to the grocery now, in fact. Could be dangerous...

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

The only thing notable about my roomate's and my fridge is that we, for reasons unknown to us both, have 5 bottles of mustard. And not different kinds of mustard, but all regular yellow mustard.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

All the best with the kittie! Nice to take a peek into your fridge!
Thanks for visiting my TT about divination. As for choosing the tool best for you: follow your intuition and try some!

Gail Martin said...

You have interesting stuff in your fridge. I refuse to photograph my fridge.

Turkey Hill Egg Nog - My husband loves it. I won't touch it on a bet. Another BJ's shopper! Cool! Acme brand? I thought they went out of business years ago. I never heard of Jones soda. I'll have to look for it in the junk food isle.

Thanks for stopping at my TT.

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the neat ref you have. So all the words in the post just said to me: go arrange your fridge...that's why I can't get a coherent comments on the actual T13.

scooper said...

I'm at the wrong house. I'm stuck with tons of Kool-Aid and Milk.

Zeus said...

Wow! That was quite the eclectic list! I definitely think you score points for most original idea for a Thursday Thirteen!

Happy Thursday to you!

Duchess said...

I don't have any of that stuff in my frige. I think I need to broaden my cooking.

Norma said...

Most of these I've never heard of and wouldn't know what to do with them.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Di said...

The oddest thing in my fridge right now is calamari steak. Saw it at the fish market and just had to have it to see what it's like.

J-Dawg's Realm said...

what a great list - having lived in PA for so long (and just getting back from there last week) I certainly miss the WaWa's, Turkey Hill's, and Cooper Cheese :) Thanks for stopping by. I thought i would do the same and check out the place!

Have a great day from a former Keystone-er


Anonymous said...

" Tell me what's in your fridge, and I'll tell you who you are..." Ok, I just made that up..Nice post ( & original)!

dawn said...

I have the Guacamole dip (yes it is easier) but what's this about a Blueberry Martini Mix? Sounds like something I'd be interested in trying.

Domestic Goddess said...

very nice. we have dog food for a sick puppy in our fridge and chopped garlic. That's where our similarities end. Although we do have egg nog, just not coffee mate.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jenny Ryan said...

Interesting frig contents!!