Friday, December 01, 2006

Sometimes cats are just like kids

Well, not kids persay, but like babies, since they can't tell you exactly what is wrong with them. Yesterday morning, Miss Kittie was feeling fine, old, but fine. Yesterday afternoon she was limping all over the place on her front right paw/leg. I mean, its not broken, since when she has to, she can get around, though not that good. So, we rushed her off to the vet, and they told us that she probably has arthritis in her shoulders, though I think its something more then that, like a pulled muscle, sprain, etc.

She is now hiding under the tree as we speak, which I dont see as a good thing. Don't they go to hide when things are bad or something like that? I am trying to stay positive, but I still have this problem gnawing at me that things are not going to end prettily. Le Sigh


Justin said...

ya you are soo cats are my babies....But, the other day I came across a post on black cats. It was soo interesting!!
you too can check it out..

Ellen said...

she might have just still been sulking about having had to go to the vet...