Friday, December 29, 2006

Reheated Duck Soup Bowl #3

First some housekeeping:
Nice win by Rutgers in the Texas Bowl last night. They really proved that they should be a top 10 team by that performance. And the Heisman campaign for next year has already started. Ray Rice sent the first salvo, we shall see how Darren McFadden does in a day or two. By the way, that was the first win by Rutgers in a bowl game, which is remarkable because they have been playing football for over 100 years and there have been some pretty remarkable bowl games. Does anyone remember the Poulan Weedeater, Jersey, Cherry or Nutmeg Bowls? (ok I made the last one up). So, nice job SUNJ.

Now, I could say that I would have predicted all of todays winners, but I think I would be lying some. though looking at CBS Sportsline, I did go 2 for 3, not bad. And, while I knew Kentucky's QB Boyd was pretty good, how many people would have thought the Wildcats would have won?!?!?

So, set out, enjoy Purdue vs Maryland and Minnesota vs Texas Tech, they should be good games, though since they have already started, I am not going to give you this whole big blowhard rundown.

I will ask though, if you do read this post, wander over to Turnbaby at As The World Turns because her team pulled the biggest upset so far in bowl season and that deserves some kudos.