Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkin Dip

Ok, no, this is not a really really late food for thought post. Actually, its all about this weekend, with the fact that there was a Halloween Party held at Chez Duck. Lots of fun, frivolity, and drunkeness had by all. And some good costumes as well. The only hiccup was the rumored action of Sarge, possibly defiling our bathroom with his on and off again babe. Well, actually, its not the first time the bathroom has been defiled in that way, its just that Mrs Duck and I would like to be the only ones who well did that in there.

Otherwise, a fun time, the meatballs went like hot cakes, Mrs Duck just has a way with that recipe. And my roast beef sandwich, with the extra garlic of course was a close second. I think the only failure was the spiked cider, and that could have been partly because it may not have been spiked enough.

If ya'll would love to possibly see a picture of our costumes, drop a comment with an email address, Mrs Duck is still leery about exposing our true identities.

Oh, and someone stole the L on our Halloween sign!


Colleen Gleason said...

LOL on the bathroom defilement.

When I was young and crazy, my to-be-husband and I took advantage of the boiler room at a friend's house during his Thanksgiving party.