Friday, October 27, 2006

Carnival of the Mundane XXII

(Editors Note:The carnival pulls into Philadelphia. For best effect, insert the adults voice from all those Charlie Brown cartoons when necessary)

Carnival of the Mundane-Treats and Some Tricks, a one act play

"Honey!? Yo Honey??!! Have you seen my Freddy Krueger fingers anywhere? The kiddies are surely going to be coming soon and I need to scare them properly"

"Hey, dont yell at me, your always putting my stuff in some other spot, Crud theres the door, you look, Ill get the candy"

"Oh hello Kailani dont you just look so lovely in your pink hula girl outfit. Yes yes I Forgive you for tping my car just, Forget about it Heres your almond joys

"Hey pookie???!! You gonna down here or what? You just missed Wenchypoo, she was dressed like some Humorous Junk Mail and she had me-ander with her all dressed up like a cute kitty, though the poor kid was muttering about Last night...

"What? Yes I folded the laundry? No I didnt put it away, I never put it away. I can never find a place to put your stuff away, phew saved by the doorbell"

"Hey! Hey! MAD KANE, What!! What are you supposed to be! What! Here take some candy, I cant hear you over the False Alarm

"Sheesh I think my ears are bleeding. Poor ZenKitty, I almost pissed her in her sailor suit from that racket, at least I think it was a sailor suit, since she was singing about Going with the Flow Hmm and the fishing pole was a good tip off to I think.

"Oh Sweety you have to come look. Yes I know your cleaning up the furballs I said I would get from Miss Kittie, but if you dont hurry your going to miss Marisa from that apartment across the street, yes Apartment 2024. Shes dressed like a squirrel and trying make sure everyone knows about her Hording rubberbands and other confessions Hey, its a good idea when collecting candy to be so frugal? Hey, what do you mean babe, Ive only had like 5 or 6 snickers."

"ok, I have to run and get the Kit Kats, yes Kit Kats, I know there your favorite, honey, but, well, you left me in charge of the candy. Take care of Wa Salaam. yes Wa Salaam, the one dressed up like a Mirror, or is that a Reflection in Nature. Oh shoot I cant tell, I need to go to the bathroom, you figure it out. And don't look at me like that."

"Oh shoot, did I miss The Sam and BeckyBoo Show. She said she was going to be dressed like,Julie; Julie McCoy from the Love Boat. Well thats good, that was your favorite show, I liked Fantasy Island better. Yes, of course I washed my hands -eye roll-"

"Quick, Quick, come here, look its Mimi, dressed up like a vacuum cleaner that sucks – part 3 Yes, I meant the vacuum cleaner, not the costume. No you shouldnt chase after her telling her about how heavy your hoover is dear. Dear come back!"

"Well, I am glad you couldnt catch up to her, leave the girl alone would you, sheesh. Plus you missed the lovely costume miriam had. It was an homage to Odd couples. Hey no cracks about me being the Felix in this couple. Aint that sweet too, Leslie Carbone was dressed as a television, yes it was a Recent Television, it looked like a flat screen Plasma to me. Can I have one for Christmas? -insert another eye roll-"

"Oh I didnt tell you, while you were upstairs cleaning up after Miss Kittie. Miss Margo came by as well, dressed up like a B-52 I think. Though I dont know, she yelled Tiiiiiin Roof Rusted! at me, so I yelled Hook Em Horns right back. What do you think Tin Roof Rusted means? Dont, hey, stop hitting me, the Horns was a joke! Ouch!"

"Quick Hide Kittie, you know she loves dogs, I see Lil Duck Duck coming, with a Big Red Dog. Look at her face, it just screams The things I do for this child…. Yes, pookie, we should give her and the dog some extra Snickers. Hey wait not my Snickers!"

"Phew, I think we made it, I dont see anybody else coming down the driveway. How much candy do we have left, oh beautiful wife of mine. Hey, dont hide it, hey, hey, come back here, dont make me spank you with this Freddy Krueger claw"

--------------------------End Scene (applause unnecessary)--------------------------
But Wait theres more....

Ok, I wanted to include this submission from Mona as well. I just could not figure out a way to get humor, even my small amounts of humor into it, so im posting it Here as a small tribute to Red and her mom.

Thanks for visiting and thanks to everyone who made it so easy to host, or at least collect such easy stories to work with.


Mad Kane said...

Very nice, creative job. Thanks for including me!
Mad Kane

ZenKitty said...

Great job with the story writing! What a fun & creative way to present the carnival. Thanks for including me.

Echoes of Cold Moon

kailani said...

What a great carnival! Very clever! Thanks for including me!

Chaotic Mom said...

How INTERESTING! I'm having fun going through your list and checking out new (to me) bloggers. Very cool idea you've come up with. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my T13!

Mona Johnson said...

Sparky, thanks for the link to my post about the Dementia Resource Fair. You're right, hard to find the humor in that stuff, even though it can be mundane....

Jay said...

Wow, talk about all-inclusive.