Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Political quicksand?

First, yesterday was not the best day for Sen. Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, who is in a tight race right now with the Democrat, Admiral Sestak. Though, it is the Philadelphia region and we like our politicians with a bit of a mud on there lapels. This race though has been very nip and tuck and the way that things have been going so far for Republicans in general, the timing sucks for Weldon.

Then there was the Minnesota Senatorial Debate over the weekend, on Meet the Press. Now I would not have though that Minnesota would have been a place that would go red, and after watching the debate, I still dont think it will go red, since Kennedy seemed quite, um, dry. (Ok Mrs Duck said dopey) and Klobuchar, while inexperienced, was an excellent debater. So, it should noy be a surprise that a poll came out the same day that had the Klobuchar, the democrat, up by 22 points. Mr. Kennedy might have debated better if he actually acknowledged his opponents presence while they were on the air.