Friday, October 13, 2006

An Ice Pick in my brain

Last night was either a migraine or some sort of sinus infection thing going on. I actually dont think it was a migraine, because Big Poppy gets migraines and I was not as handicapped as he has been, but it was annoying. I will say though that the cold compresses at the back of the neck really works, for some strange reason. I dont know if it is because it distracts the front of your head from pain, or if it really does something, but it worked. At least I did not have to resort to Head On, though scary as it is, I did consider it.


tiggerprr said...

Owie, I have had migraine for 25 years now. It's no fun. Sinus and tension headaches can also masquerade as the same symtoms too. I hope you're feeling better and they never come back.