Monday, September 18, 2006

TiVo is going to be smoking

Oh yes, I know this is not exactly the biggest problem to have, especially since we have just survived a long hot summer of reruns. Thank goodness for the Closer. Anyway, tonight starts the new fall season and the Tivo is going to be in overdrive.

First we have Two and a Half Men. Yes, not groundbreaking TV, far from it actually, but some of there throw away lines are very funny, and Charlie always does seem to find some hot chicks.

Mrs. Duck and I have been hooked in toVanished, which is a show that is really going nowhere, yet its like a really bad book your 200 pages into, you want to see the outcome, even if you dont care who lives or dies.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is the next choice for the night. Aaron Sorkin is a terrific writer, I would watch a TV show that he has written thats based off the Dominos Pizza menus, because he would find 18 ways to say the word pizza. Plus Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet and Bradley Whitford, perfection.

Oh, and theres another crazy DR Phil on UPN 57 oh wait CW 57, and also Deal or No Deal finding some way to drive you nuts by giving away 6 million dollars to some really greedy people.

So what are you watching?