Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another Reason to move to Hawaii

Beyond its beauty, which I am going to begin sharing here, I took so many pictures I should have posts forever. And then there is the sandy beaches, near perfect weather and excellent food. But, there is also only a few Snakes. And one of the snakes that they do have sounds actually like some sort of huge worm, not exactly a threat to humanity. I was watching this show about Hawaii on the Discovery Channel and it seems the only other snake, that is at least legally there is the green tree snake (sp?) which seemed to just be around to be sure that they can train the "Snake Beagles" to look out for on the importing ships. Oh, and its another reason I love beagles, they want to stop one of my biggest fears.


starlight143 said...

I love Hawaii and have been lucky enough to visit twice. Here's hoping the husband gets stationed there next!